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Holistic Logistics Podcast - Shadow Awakening with Odysseus Andrianos, Author & Wellness Coach

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This man and I go way back, like playing against each other in peewee baseball.. His life trajectory is like no one else's that i personally know of, especially someone from my hometown.. Odysseus Andrianos has helped thousands of people during countless one-on-one or group training sessions, workouts, breath-work, guided meditations, mentorship, live presentations, workshops, and the more recent focus of shadow work. I've always been grateful for all his invitations to partake in some workouts that's kicked my ass in the past and have kept me balanced and fit in recent times. So the least i could do is have him on and get the word out about his work that is dedicated towards the empowerment and health of others. Great all around discussion with Ody that I'm delighted to share with you all because there is a lot to take away from what he had to say for your benefit Shadow work is obviously the topic of today, which is very deep subject matter that he breaks down into easy-to-understand language where mostly anyone from any level can learn from. So we'll be going over some insightful contents of his book- set to be available August 7th, so i'll throw in a link for it when it's good. Links to his website & youtube, etc Linktree: Instagram & Tiktok: iamodywankenobi Facebook: Odysseus Andrianos have you danced with your shadow in the pale moonlight? it can be metaphoric, like you mentally and emotionally dance (with your shadow) to end the trance by way of transcendence ;) Make the darkness conscious! PEACE Derek Bartolacelli: Holistic Logistics: AwakenYaMind:$/invite/@AwakenYa...






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