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Why The Pro Vaccine People Do Not Trust Us

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A lot of people think they trust & love themselves, but it's all too often not the case.. of course there's exceptions to the rule- i'm not making blanket statements here.. of course there's that type of trust one can appropriately give to others who are better or more informed about certain things.. even with simple things like if you're traveling and asking a stranger for directions somewhere... Folks think they're being responsible by taking these injections, but they've been lied to incessantly to feel that way.. The people who do not trust us "truth seekers & speakers" probably don't even care that we've done thousands of hours of research more than they have.. They believe they got it all figured out, or at least think their "experts" whom they've put on pedestals and even teeshirts do.. These people worship the likes of fauci at a cult level, and blindly so.. Slogans like trust science, not morons has been playing like a broken record for the past year and a half, which is ironic since they're more of the moronish type who don't truly grasp what science even is.. the irony and ignorance is overwhelming, which reminds me of a great song:






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