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Alchemized Artistry - LIBERcast #28 Hosted By Fred Gingras

  - 1:13:53

Too much to be said about this topic for a lifetime maybe, but we explore some aspects of these mediums of expression that can transmute energy in magical ways and how art portrays society in it's most vulnerable state. We get it in pretty good with the subject matter in this one, altho there's so much more to say about it beyond an hour of discussions. focusing on music to begin with, we talk about many issues trying to keep it under the framework of the title of this LIBERcast.. There are many ways to make the darkness conscious and i'm exploring many approaches in this pathwork of life i mixed down a lil intro to this edition and included some album artwork which refers to understanding one's self and the eternal principles encoded within, and to stand upon them with the courage and care to do so for the greater good.. I wish we could've done this or another show in french, but it's very hard for me to understand canadian french.. c'est la vie, but much love Fred Gingras is a fellow truth seeker/speaker and true freedom advocate from Quebec, Canada. you can find him @The LIBERcast PEACE -Derek Bartolacelli






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September 5th 2022  

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