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All Nations Rise Music Video (Mystic Shamanistic Remix) - Lyla June x Ocno ((432Hz))

  - 6:26

A friend, who's got some good stuff going on at his channel on youtube- The Refined Alchemist, hit me up a few months ago and shared an incredible piece of music.. Syncromysticly, i just happened to be working on a project called Mystic Journey of The Native Souls and this song seems to encapsulate a lot of the sentiments this project is attempting to express.. Lyla June - All Nations Rise X El Resplandor de Shambala - Ocno with some audio snippets at the end, which i can't find the source of for the moment... Lyla June can be found by name on youtube with her original video on her channel and more.. The background music in this remix is from the Amazon. i bought it from a really cool online shop that sells shamanic healing tools among other products.. After hearing this and you want to hear more related music, the next most suitable track off the top of my head is "All Tribes Unite" by Audiopharmacy.. after that would be from a collective of sorts that i caught on youtube the other day from their recommendations. This group sounds very promising with a number of musicians still in their teens, but with impressive levels of conscious lyrics then of course youtbe recommends a good video like this afterwards related works on this channel: Getting Together The Collective Consciousness With Hip Hop: Femcee Divinity - female conscious hip hop The Time is Now- altho it's been hit with a copyright claim and can't be accessed, as with few others from the same claimant.. what if many indigenous tribes originally came from the same place from antiquity and later dispersed around the world? what if there was a world wide unity that the world hasn't seen since? what if all the pyramids scattered around the world have the same or similar blueprint?






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August 30th 2021  

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