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3rd Eye Hip Hop Stimulus Package w/ pineal glandish visuals of fractals and spaced out spirituality

  - 1:14:10

This mix attempts to bring a collection of music regarding 3rd eye vision of the least amount of distortion.. There's a lot of music entitled 3rd eye (fill in__) and I've noticed a good amount not really on point with this divine charkra- and that's of no disrespect to any artist, I'm just trying to really narrow it down to the divine, if that makes sense.. The Third Eye: 6th chakra, mid eyebrow level, long been known but recently rediscovered that it is a physical entity in our brain called the pineal gland.. What is it like to have your third eye open? To me its the higher self’s wisdom/vision unlocking parts of your mind/consciousness that you never knew existed, or just had a hunch of.. all accumulating towards a higher knowledge of self, greater awareness, more in tune with reality & peace, dispelling negative thoughts/feelings, higher understandings, deeper perspectives, increased coherence of universal love and service towards others..exploring the inner eye/mind isn’t always easy and isn’t always easily understood. Now, if that doesn’t sound temping to achieve, then maybe this mix might inspire such desires. It is your point of divine intuition and to actually utilize and even truely activate your 3rd eye, your heart must be open! VERY IMPORTANT: The heart chakra is the threshold of the higher chakras! If the heart is not open and activated, then the chakras above it; throat, 3rd eye, crown.. will not be activated! Speak from the heart, let the soul be free.. People think they can open their 3rd eye on a blink or get it activated by detoxifying their pineal gland.. The solution lies within.. knowledge of self = love for one self = love for others = higher vibrations = higher consciousness.. I didn't do this mix to prove anything or act like i know all about the 3rd eye, i don't even think about it all that much nor claim to have my 3rd eye open.. I'm just on my journey looking for the truth in the many fascinating facets of life..






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October 8th 2021  

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