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What You Don't Hear Much From or About "Vegans"

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Just a few overview of some sentiments in this video.. There's divide & conquer mind control tactics with dialectics between people that i don't want listeners, or anyone to get caught up in division like vegan vs whatever, vax vs pro-vaxx, left vs right.. what matters is living by objective morality, and that starts with reclaiming your personal sovereignty and pulling away from all systems of domination and control where the top priority is abolishing human slavery under government, occultocracy, and transhumanism- run by satanists, technocrats, eugenicists, banksters & oligarchs.. we live in a fallen time matrix with artificial codes of creation & consciousness overlays manipulated thru multidimensional tech like reverse-metatronics and the fib-of-no-chi fractal death virus, which has cut this planet off from eternal life force energy for eons.. It is quite a hellish existence living in this perpetual cycle of everything feeding off of each other to sustain their own life-energy on this planet instead of operating on one's own self-generating life force from within.. If we were living in our true natural states, we would literally all be "breathairians" operating on at least an unbridled 12 strand DNA template within our core being. When you start activating and leveling up, you recognize and feel this potential and actuality more and more.. This has been part of my personal experience, areas of interest in my studies, and hearing from others as well.. This can sound all "new agey" or pretentious, or even some kind of appeal to ego, but there's a science to it and ways of discovering these things out for yourself by both research and personal activations & awakening your dormant DNA.. i mention eating less, but i should included eating more nutritiously which makes a good balance.. I don't claim to be better or whatever than others by sharing these things about what i've learned and experienced on my spiritual path. I encourage all to continue theirs






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