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Lore Of The Rings - The Stories & Allegories of Spiders

  - 13:56

The books and movies of The Hobbit & LOTR have been really fascinating to ponder about throughout the decades.. I left an lil nostalgic surprise at the end with a very relative song that really had quite an impression on me when i was a teenager.. stay with me on this one and let these concepts stimulate intriguing thoughts about it all as i try to unweave these webs to see a bit more clearly between middle earth and how its metaphors & allegories apply to us.. There's a good amount to consider beyond what i mentioned in the video, like what about the world wide "web" and language of that nature in society?? Credits: The Hobbit (animated version too) and Lord Of The Rings Song: 8tred (Web Defense) - Eligh featuring Scarub R.I.P. David Dees (legendary illustrator of provocative images) Arranged, Narrated & Mixed in 432Hz on October 13th, 2021 in Quimper, France by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind PEACE Links to my other Lore Of The Rings videos: Lord of The Rona? an interesting inquiry into the LOTR lore: The Lore of The Rings & The Entish Allegories: A great presentation deciphering J.R.R. Tolkien's books tying in freedom & Natural Law: links to my other channels: Holistic Logistics: Mixcloud: Soundcloud: Pinterest: LBRY: The Most complete discography:$/invite/@AwakenYaMind:5 Brighteon: Bitchute: BrandNewTube: NewTube: AwakenYaMind (my conscious music mixes):






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