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Just Trust The Science...

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What kind of science is actually being trusted? Certainly not certain spectrums that challenge certain narratives, theories & established/propagated research. The word science derives from the Latin word Scientia, derived from scio/sciere, which means knowledge and if we were actually in pursuit of knowledge, then we wouldn't be hung up on dogmatic beliefs and be open to current scientific theories to be reformed, re-difined, and or refined to be as objectively true as possible. People need to stop crusting this calcified belief system of what they think and hear they're programed to believe is science, which is basically big pharma medical mafia propaganda.. They're in the business of profiting off of our sickness and perpetuating this sick, twisted, insidious and nefariously vicious cycle.. As i mention in this short video, accidental deaths are one of the leading causes of death- at least in `the USA.. i guarantee that the amount of deaths could be well over 10 fold due to unreported and misdiagnosed deaths due to toxic injections, prescriptions & medical procedures.. todays examples: deaths due to Remdivisir, ventilators & the experimental needle craft.. a percentage of those deaths were labelled as "covid deaths" btw vaxx playlist (600 videos): Natural Law Playlist: AwakenYaMind (my conscious music mixes): Holistic Logistics:






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