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The Mass Media Magnum Opus - Conscious Hip Hop Documusical Video Finalé pt.4 ((432Hz))

  - 1:07:21

∞∞∞TRACKLIST∞∞∞ Intro: Trained enter-tain-ment - Joy Camp White Noise - Atmosphere Prime Time Man - Shotgun Wedding Quintet Spiritism (recycled) - Bmac Mastamind ft. Terrence McKenna Society is Brainwashed - Ill Bill (music video included) The Miasmic Media Monologues - Ft. Max Igan - Beats in order- InstraDIRTal - Bicasso, So Much For Nothing - Earmint, Hey! - MF Doom The Maven Minister of Mass Media - Howard Beal x Elusive Deltron - The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Microsoft Inc.) Propaganda - Napoleon da Legend & DJ Doom (music video included) Distraction - The Profoun Poet Media Midgets - R.A. The Rugged Man The Media - Presage Life's Worth Rain - Anacron Arthur's Shuffle - Godfrey Cambridge TV Show - Abstract Rude Scientisnic Session - Ali G in Rocco's Modern Life remix Expressed Emotion - Bicasso Message to the Messengers - Gil Scott-Heron Step into a New World - DJ Werd & Kaotic Souls (possibly inaccurate) What If - Antahlyzah end of music, a total of 2hrs in this 3 part series Bonus ending video: Subversive Use Of Occult Symbolism in the Media Pt. 2 by Michael Tsarion. here's a link to catch the whole presentation: Mixed, Arranged & Produced in 4323Hz by Derek Bartoalcelli Remember when people would say how television was the love killer of relationships? Since the millennium, we still got that plus slew of gadgets that do much more and with the likes of social media stations to tune into, netflix and whatever other kinds of instant media gratifications are on demand.. looks like a love killer outta pandora's box on steroids. Of course there are positive sides to a lot of these things, but look at the people and the world around you and within yourself.. can you see the negative aspects and effects of modern media outweighing the positive? Easier to see from the outside looking in.. well how to we get outside? Put down the tech.. do a digital detox.. PEACE






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October 4th 2021  

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