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Lahaina Maui Fires The Day After

  - 5:33

Lahaina Maui Fires The Day After Hawaii Real Estate @hawaiirealestateorg Lahaina Town Fire - Rare Day After Footage of Lahaina






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Uploaded a year ago  

August 14th 2023  

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- a year ago  

It is heart breaking to see what has been inflicted by someone. What we all fail to see is that we each live and move and have our existence in God our Father who alone is self existent . Consider how it is for our Father to have two who live and move and have their being in Him conflicting with each other . The test of life is to see if we are prepared to give regard to others whom we can help for we all live and move and have ourbeing in our Father and it is because we do we should have regard. Our Father will present us with those we can help . To all who adopt that attitude He can raise from death to be eventually citizens on a recreated earth . The perpetrators of such crimes against humanity will receive a punishment for each perpetration in line with as they gave so shall they receive : after which permenant extermination. The compassionate to your fellow man fellow however will have access to the body renewing tree of life , a land grant in perpetuity for each,a weekly gathering of all the peoples of the world , the company of God our Father and His Son as our domicile is to be the administration center ,the lesson book, for the whole of our Father's creation. The lesson to be realised to the whole of creation is " brotherly love " for our Father cherishes each of us . In that not so distant future anyone who claims the right to control others through coersion and can not be perduaded from that posture is exterminated . We live in the end times of seeing what coersion has to offer . This time finishes with our Father withdrawing His invitement to acts of kindness . We thing those opportunities are ours to choose who we will bless but when the time of that withdrawl comes fraternal groups will collapse and self centerdness will have no distractions.