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Free Noodles and Cinema Night (album)

  - 41:47

Track by track Hola a todos!, les traigo mi última creación monstruosa, "Free noodles and cinema night". Creado a través de GroovePad. Son una serie de canciones que toman algo de ambient, algo de funk y algo de vaya a saber que cosa. Hay un tema conceptual, la suite abrupta, que se constituye en una serie de canciones que cortan abruptamente ¡Espero que lo disfruten! Hi to all! Bring you here my last creation, "Free noodles and cinema night". Created through GroovePad. There are songs with some ambient, some funk, and somethings that I don't know what it is. There's a conceptual song, the abrupt suite, that are a serie of songs the cut in an abrupt way. Hope you enjoy! Tracklist 01 - The night of the living people 00:00:00 02 - Stupid candy 04:50:04 03 - My inner self is hide behind the cabinet 08:00:01 04 - Your brother, gets funk? 15:47:07 05 - The abrupt suite: a) Hit the note 21:20:14 06 - The abrupt suite b) Apparently 24:18:01 07 - The abrupt suite c) An indie horror story 26:55:23 08 - The abrupt suite d) Abrupt 30:06:27 09 - The monoliths 33:20:10 10 - An eerie sight 37:36:21






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December 22nd 2020  

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