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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



Shadows Never Intersect

  - 3:32






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Uploaded 2 weeks ago  

September 15th 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

The biggest evidence of all is that the moon is a LIGHT and cannot be landed on as proven by the bible - the sun and moon are greater and lesser lights - no one can land an object of mass on a light.


- 2 weeks ago  

There's no evidence on the moon itself. We should be able to see the discarded items or the flags from earth with telescopes and stuff. Then there is the Van Allen belt issue.


- 2 weeks ago  

Listen.... That rock picture does not show its shadow at 90° to the astronauts shadow. It's perspective. The rock is not flat and you see a part of its shadow like in the picture because the rock is 3 dimensional. But you can't see the shadow going in the same direction because from the camera's position you don't see the far side of the rock. Also if you use multiple studio lights to get shadows appearing in different directions as you moon hoaxers cry out, you will get multiple shadows on every subject or object being lit by multiple studio lights. None of the moon photos show multiple shadows. This tells us that only true light is the sunlight is lighting the scene for exposure. Next, once funding for Apollo moon missions ended, so too did building of rockets and parts of rockets. The thousands of contractors would not just keep stuff and store things around just to build Apollo rockets and lunar modules. They knew the money had dried up and they moved onto other projects such as space shuttle, unmanned spacecraft and later on the building of ISS. To go back to the moon some 50 years later after the Apollo missions, will mean using new technologies to build new rockets and space craft to reflect what we know and have advanced over 50 years. Afterall Ford nolonger uses the 1969-1970-1971 Mustang as it's sports car today right? Ford still builds Mustangs, but they use 21 st. Century technology now. So too will NASA and it's corporate partners in building future moon missions.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 weeks ago  

He does come from the mindset of globe, at 35 sec., he said how big the the Sun is.. But he makes a great point on the faked NASA pictures. NASA is FAKE, sending up balloons made to resemble rockets. All space images fake..


- 2 weeks ago  

I agree with you completely he's still waking up