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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



Horizon Mirror Line

  - 10:48

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Uploaded 4 days ago  

September 21st 2022  

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- 2 days ago  

I agree with you , who gives a toss ! we "navigate " the ocean the same way today we did since discovering sailing ! And land airplanes equally the same ! As if it's a flat plane. We do observe water being flat and level too. And mountain ranges undulating, these we know , and if you carefully place a seed into it , it grows ! It gives us all . I place importance on keeping this living earth our alfeeder healthy ! I also agree with you on my logic there !


- 4 days ago  

... and what difference does it make? If the earth is flat will I have to start getting up on the other side of my bed? ... or eating with a different utensil? Will the rulers of the world suddenly stop being the rulers of the world if we all stop believing the is round? What will change? NOTHING ... unless you happen to be travelling from South America to Australia. Then, if you believe the earth is round, you can take the 14 hour direct flight. If you believe the earth is flat, you'll have to plan your own route because the airlines don't offer a route from S.A. to Aus. that goes through the artic circle. So flat or round makes no matter (if you're not travelling around the southern hemisphere), you'll still use fork and spoon and knife, you can still get up on whatever side of your bed you want, and the people in power will still be the people in power, because they got in power by controlling the creation of money, not by convincing anyone that the Earth was one shape or another.


- 4 days ago  

If the realm we exist on , runs on a cycle , as is life , baby adult old man , then why not our all feeder (earth) too . If we didn't know that , we wouldn't prepare,and perish for sure . If we thought the globe was flying through space and everything was random , nothing would matter ! Observe comprehend and mimmik nature !


- 3 days ago  

@Chook Why does a globe flying through space require everything to be random? ... and nothing to matter? People believed the earth was flat for thousand of years ... and the human race didn't perish. Now people have known the earth is round for hundreds of years (some for thousands) and the human race hasn't perished. Your logic isn't logic.