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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



Astronauts are just actors

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Uploaded 3 weeks ago  

July 25th 2022  

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- 2 days ago  

I'd like to see a change of behavior toward each other regarding what we are all trying to learn. May I remind you, as Socrates said, and I quote... 'Slander is the desperate tool of the loser'. So when you chastise someone or cuss them out for having a different perspective or idea of something, you are just hurting the work we are all doing here and you make yourself sound like an irrational, triggered ass. Knowledge is not to be held over each other's head in some narcissistic fashion like you are better than the next person because you have obtained a little bit of information. They way we learn is by keeping our minds open and questioning all things. Be grateful you are not alone for your quest for the truth and support eachother. Some wake up slowly. As for the flat earth concept. I highly disagree due to my own investigative findings, but agree that NASA is corrupt. I don't believe we went to the moon in 1969. And yes, 9/11 was an inside job. You may not agree. That doesn't make you more or less than me, but in actuality, we are similar in our want for truth. Be kind to eachother. Dont fall into the trap that is this manufactured society. They want us to fight. They want us to burn our cities down. Let's stay focused on our true enemies here... The N.W.O. and those that push this agenda. It's us against them, and we have 7.5. billion last time I counted. If people would learn to come together, this would all be over in a month. Shalom.

Sarrah Allaha of Heaven

- 2 weeks ago  

They are FAR WORSE than "actors"! THEY are the killers of mankind and THEY are demonic carnivorous creatures from below that have FOUR ACTIVE WAR DECLARATIONS AGAINST ALL FLESH, INCLUDING THE NASA WAR DOCUMENT they have been fulfilling to a 'T'!


- 2 weeks ago  

Flat or round whatever , why do they lie about things .. I know politicians lie when there mouth opens , police lawyers etc.. Humans might be reptiles too ..


- 2 weeks ago  

Does not mean the earth is flat you fucking retard


- 2 weeks ago  

Right. NASA's been fake from the start, but just because NASA's is fake doesn't mean that the earth isn't round. The earth being round was not something NASA came up with. Pretty sure it predates NASA by several hundred years.


- 3 weeks ago  

The same Karen Nyberg that was hanging upside down with the camera flipped vertically as well - demonstrating how to brush your teeth in space