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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



You Cannot Fly Over Antarctica Because it’s NOT a Continent

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April 10th 2021  

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- a year ago  

Bah ha hah hah ha ha. Your idea of gravity is so stupid. Mass causes gravity and bends light as was proven, and You can charter private flights to fly over Antarctica. Call and ask for a quote, it's that simple. Anyone can get a flight uniform at a thrift store, they're donated. 😂🤣 Get a telescope and watch planets themselves rotate, but you're not willing. This why we don't allow children to talk to strangers.


- a year ago  

Hey, I can't believe someone would would put out so much about the world being flat. I have to give you credit for that. For the life of whatever, I really can't figure what would make someone think the world is flat and produce so many vids. to back it up to great extensibility.. I have eatin many things at one time or another to believe you, but when I come down to earth it's a whole different story. I have a boat and never found the edge or whatever you want to call it? Give me the coordinates, longitude and latitude please.


- a year ago  

And thats why i believe it more and more all people are programed since chilhood to give the same answer as i did ...why i dont fall down with my boat and havent seen the edge ...have you traveled the world?have you traveled all the way south? do that with your boat and then talk again


- a year ago  

Love your work Eddie. The Earth is flat and stationary, whether people accept it or not. Polaris is apparently one of 5 pole stars to occupy the position we refer to as due north. a constant that sailors for millennia have relied on... IF the Great Circle of 26000 years (approx) exists that the 5 stars that mark north are supposed to take turns occupying then Polaris (*and all other stars ) would HAVE to move one degree every 72.2 years... It simply has not happened, so the assumption that the earth is a ball and spinning is NOT supported with observation


- a year ago  

Fascinating! I believe Earth is a globe, but the video maker, “Eddie” has valid point: Why not fly over Antarctica from Buenos Aries, Argentina to Perth, Australia? That would prove the Earth is a actually a globe! So, do it! It seems that would settle the matter? So, why hasn’t anyone done this? The failure to do so makes me suspicious. If they have the proof that Earth is a globe, why not prove it decisively! I still believe Earth is a globe, but the man who made this video really does seem to have a valid point! Therefore, I feel obliged to acknowledge the point that Eddie is making in his video: He doesn’t accept the the theory and maths claiming Earth is a globe, and argues about the validity other evidence. But, he says he will accept the assertion that Earth is a globe if a flight across Antarctica is scientifically documented. I suspect many who agree with Eddie wound also be convinced of the Earth is a globe argument if that “experiment” were performed successfully demonstrating that the Earth is a globe! Why not? He wants to see solid evidence. That seems a reasonable demand and science is served by providing such proof. The “believe me because I say so” argument holds no water. As for me, all these decades I’ve believed that Earth is indeed a globe, and not flat, it would be fun to see my convictions independently verified. A very strong physical proof argument is worth a billions words and theories! I support the idea of performing Eddie’s proposed Globe vs. Flat Earth Experiment. I can’t believe the weird stuff that turns up when I do a search for examples of people flying over either the North or South Pole. I think many of us are tired of the debates and are making re than ready for physical demonstrations in front of the text of the world. Anyone agree!