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The evil that big pharma is

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August 19th 2021  

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- half a year ago  

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Pharmacy in Greek means Sorcery. Think about that!


- a year ago  

There is NO test for COVID-19. There never was.


- half a year ago  

Right, others found it was only Influenza A and Influenza B. I caught the flew this past January and it took 10 days with no medical help to cure it.


- a year ago  

So there's this elephant sitting right there being studiously ignored by most .... Mullis died of pneumonia 3 months before the 'outbreak' 'officially' began when we now know from various sources (eg sewage analysis from Brazil) that stage one of the bio-weapon was in circulation during summer 2019 .... Mullis was Fauci's nemesis and it's not in the least outlandish to suppose he had to be silenced at all costs ..... Further, given the evidence of a long history of malfeasance by pharmaceutical companies, revolving door FDA corruption, CDC (over 70 Corona related patents held for decades), NIH, NIAID etc and the enormous amounts of money involved .... also given that these are cynically ruthless people obsessed with their agendas .... it's not an unreasonable question to ask is it? Was Mullis murdered by those pushing this totalitarian agenga?


- a year ago  

The people on this planet are going to have to get our collective hands dirty very soon as no one is coming to save us and our children except us.


- a year ago  

The corruption is astounding. Fauci from day 1 could not be trusted. He will pay one day along with all the other evil pricks involved in this...This world is full of evil and those that perpetrate these malicious, greed filled deeds will pay a very steep and unpleasant price. May God have mercy on their souls.