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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



Earth spinning in two different directions

  - 1:56

These are two separate clips that I put together side by side. How can the Earth spin in two different directions in the background when ISS is supposedly orbiting in the same direction of the Earth’s rotation?






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Uploaded 5 days ago  

November 21st 2021  

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Category: Technology & Science



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- 2 days ago  

Simple! Different camera angle creates this effect. First angle: the earth rotates from left to right. Second angle from 180 degrees: the rotation now seems to be from right to left.


- 3 days ago  

OMG. Picture this, use a image in your mind of a compass with 4 points north, south, east and west. A camera on the ISS facing north will appear to have the earth rotating beneath the ISS from right to left. If another camera is orientated to the south the earth will appear to rotate beneath the ISS from left to right. Nothing to see here folks.


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- 4 days ago  

Two directions? More like two cameras filming in opposite directions or two mirrored clips. Flatearthers must be totally f...ed up in their heads. 😂