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ALL HAIL BILLY GATES Music video by Max Random

  - 4:08

Inspired by the Hero & God Billy Gates and his work on depopulation through vaccines (net to zero tedtalk) . This song is welcomed to be fact checked btw. I write like channeling from another dimension. This song wrote itself in 20 minutes. I'm just the vessel. lyrics He has the Empathy of a lizard in a sweater & glasses he didn't need medical training he skipped all those classes but he has all our answers & we know this how? Because his bank account makes politicians go WOW He's the smartest man in the whole wide world he pays every media outlet to keep telling you thats true with his mister rogers outfits he's gonna set us strait- That climate change is caused by breathing of the human race Well Thank God! But you can call him billy gates Every species is glad it's humans breathing bill hates Animals are glad bill wants them around Cause if bill wants you dead well your going down He studied stalin & mao's starvation scheme Even Ichman's gas chambers the world said thats to mean So bill pushed technology onto the Eugenics scene He said we'll scare'em all to death and sell'em mu vaccoine He signed on the pope aborted fetuses & all Fauci waits by the phone and takes orders when billy calls His paid TV interviews say "Billy's not Evil or Bad" But don't offer him pie or he gets real mad God Dammed him , God Dammed him And all hail billy gates Better tell him the sixes on your head look fucking great He knows whats best for you & me and our deaths will drive up the countries GDP He's walking billions into the apocalypse with his mister rogers act & his girly hips with the mark of the beast he will let you travel in style while Bill & melinda count the dead with really big smiles Here's how it will work You will take a fake PCR test - Of Course it says your infected Thats all you need to be lethally injected Your smart phones tracing app gives up your family & friends And AT&T will Help they know where






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July 6th 2021  

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