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Peter Ridd: The Great Barrier Reef in critical condition 'couldn't be further from the truth'

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Marine Scientist Peter Ridd says the idea the Great Barrier Reef is in critical condition “couldn’t be further from the truth” because the “actual data” reveals coral growth rates, if anything, have increased. The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently announced the Great Barrier Reef was in critical condition. “I think they grossly mischaracterised it,” Professor Ridd said. “When you look at the actual data, the amount of coral cover is about the same, the coral growth rates, if anything, have increased. Professor Ridd says the fact the reef recovers from damaging events including cyclones and bleaching events was indicative of “a very robust system”. From Sky News Australia 7 Dec 2020.






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May 8th 2021  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

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