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NewTube will soon be first alt-video platform with thumbnail preview! Open-sourcing the tech!

  - 5:38

NewTube will soon be the first alt-video player with the SORELY missing feature of thumbnail previews. I will be open sourcing the technology so all alt-video platforms can easily implement this functionality. It's sorely missing guys let's please everybody implement this feature once I've shipped this library and dropped this feature in your lap!






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Uploaded a year ago  

August 14th 2021  

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- 3 months ago  

We can't thank you enough, you are saving lives.


- 3 months ago  

When will NewTube have a decentralized mirror so a truther video can't be deleted through bribery, intimidation, or both? You know they tell these guys, "take the money or the bullet". The only way to safeguard the truth, is to both decentralize it, and anonymize it.


- a year ago  

We (I do anyways) appreciate all the hard work you for us bro. It seems like every time I come here It's a little more polished. That and the fact it just has a welcoming feel to it. It's nice to know that there's still a site out there that is not watching everything we do just waiting to pounce if we say something they don't agree with. I hope you end up with the biggest, most successful site on the net and Google/YT dies penny less. You deserve success far more than they do. And when you do, don't get all gates on us and try to kill us or I will be very disappointed.


- a year ago  

I mentioned earlier, that it would be cool if the thumbnail had the post date there, rather than having to open to see it there. What (I do like) here, is that say if your on page five and watch something then back arrow you end up on the same place on the same page..very cool.. Bit doesn't do, that and it sucks unless I didn't figure the trick out yet!


- a year ago  

Keep up the unique applications.


- a year ago  

good work

Western Randomness

- a year ago  

Thank you I hope this platform grows. Ive been looking for something that s not wacky fear mongering but intelligent educational yet entertaining and freeing myself from big tech.

Rough Justice

- a year ago  

I hope you’ve patented this technology


- a year ago  

Hello, Anthony Sent you an email regarding the alternative tech you are doing. Hope to hear from you soon! It might be good for us both!


- a year ago  

Looks awesome! NewTube is just going to get better and better!