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Call for Pandemic Treaty Conference of 118 Nations ratified International Criminal Court Statute/Tre

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Call for a Pandemic Treaty Conference of the 118 Nations that ratified the International Criminal Court Statute/Treaty of Rome WATCH ON TRUETUBE VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA - This is a Call for a Pandemic Treaty Conference of the 118 Nations that ratified the International Criminal Court Statute of the Treaty of Rome banning War Crimes, Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, and the Crime of Aggression. A similar Treaty Conference held in Canada in 1997, and championed by Princess Diana, led to the banning of proliferating land mines. The mission of a Pandemic Treaty Conference is set out in this Call document, and will result in a Truth and Reconciliation process ending genocidal mass vaccinations that cause crimes against humanity and are intended to irrevocably alter human DNA, and trigger Social Control Methods that cause irrevocable economic and social damage to the human divine Being and society. Call for a Pandemic Treaty Conference of the 118 Nations that ratified the International Criminal Court Statute/Treaty of Rome Download Call for a Pandemic Treaty Conference VER. SEPT 20 2020 Heads of State and Heads of Government of the 118 Nations ratifying the International Criminal Court Statute/Treaty of Rome are urgently requested to convene a Pandemic Treaty Conference. They and any organization and individuals interested in facilitating this process are requested to urgently contact [email protected] with a statement of intent and contact details. Thank you, Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd






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September 23rd 2020  

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- 3 years ago  

It's Nov 2021 and the globalist conspirators are further on with their scurrilous plans. But protest is growing and many are awakening to what's really been going on. Non-jabbed are being demonised everywhere and mainstream media is just all lies and propaganda. The non-existent 'climate emergency ' is being rolled out AGAIN by the eco-fascists as predicted. It's game on for all our futures. The leaky vaxxes have failed to contain Covid but it's becoming quite clear that this was all in the plan for endless boosters and 'health passports' etc etc. Setting up their positions prior to the big cull. Already, highly vaxxed populations are not only seeing huge rises in virus cases but also secondary infections from 'vaccine' compromised immune systems of the jabbed. Now they're really after our kids too. This is a quiet war with silent weapons being mercilessly waged upon all humanity by ruthless corporate conglomerates and their political stooges. It is a mass sterilisation program. By Jan 2022, every jabbed human over 30 will have had their natural immune response reduced to zero by these toxic cocktails and by Mar/Apr 2022 the same will be true of the rest of the vaxxed. Deaths from simple infections, cancers, sepsis, 'super colds' ie HIV will accelerate exponentially and overwhelm health services. This will be the excuse for more severe lock downs and movement restrictions. Make no mistake, the genocide is starting now, planned, deliberate supply chain disruption is a reality and food shortages are inbound. So, please, wake yourselves the fuck up and start fighting back. Treat every moment and every encounter with another human being as an opportunity to strike a blow for our children, our freedoms and our very survival as a species. You are not alone and we need to realise that this only ends when we ALL stand up, speak out and deny these totalitarians any further means for their plans to kill most and enslave the rest.


- 4 years ago  

Thank you


- 4 years ago  

Make my day. I will share share this farr and wide. Thanks