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[email protected]: TI Testimony in the UK and Athens, Greece: Harry with Seven [UK]

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[email protected]: TI Testimony in the UK and Athens, Greece: Harry with Seven [UK] In this TI Testimony, Host Seven [UK] leads TI Harry, now in Athens Greece through a self-discovery and sharing of his 14 year Odyssey as a UK Targeted Individual by remote directed energy weapons. WATCH ON [email protected] NEWSINSIDEOUT TRUETUBE BLOG






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Uploaded 3 months ago  

October 18th 2020  

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Category: Politics


Keyhole Journey

- 3 months ago  

(from Joe Fleury [email protected] who was unable to post here) “Thanks for an interesting panel discussion. As a researcher into the reptilian/reptilian-hybrid phenomenon, I was surprised that nobody brought up the subject of Archons, what I believe to be inter-dimensional creatures that invaded this planet thousands if not millions of years ago. Although it’s hard to pinpoint, these entities manage to enter into the brains of humans with low self-esteem or those suffering from addictions (alcohol, hard drugs, etc.) and tell them (using the person’s own voice) to do bad things; one hears voices. In Harry’s case, he seems convinced that he is a targeted individual whereas he is inhabited by an archon that attempts to run his life for him. Many people around the world hear voices which they attribute to demonic possession; they often visit exorcists and psychotherapists. I would very much suggest he reads the following book available on Amazon: An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the spell of the Ivory Tower (by Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney) A few days ago, another panel was formed on this same subject which can be viewed on YouTube: Dark Entity Mind Parasites Are Real: Shining the Light On a Hidden Species Siphoning Human Energy (1:30:28) I hope this information will help Harry get his life back.”


- 3 months ago  

I can only imagine how disturbing this video will be, so I think I will pass on watching it, but I hear you! I know this world is evil. The cup of iniquity is almost full and He will come; that's what they want .... to try and force the hand of God.