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The Jesus MeetUp: An Introduction with Marin and Alfred Part 1 of 2

  - 53:54

The Jesus MeetUp: An Introduction with Marin and Alfred Part 1 of 2 WATCH ON New Tube: Access Article & Links on: The Jesus MeetUp: An Introduction Contact Us Download/Listen to The Urantia Book [AudioBook] Free The Urantia Book is an Emergency Fifth Epochal Revelation to Earth after Jesus, who was the Fourth Epochal Revelation






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May 26th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

The secret of Jesus is that he came to save the people from killing themselves with parasite worm diseases for food. However the Jews killed him to protect themselves from the truth. Had Jesus succeeded the Jews would not have gained control of the world through the medical treatment of parasites, it is because they silenced him from revealing to you the truth about putting the flesh of liveing things in your mouth for food he asked his father to save you on account of your ignorance because you know not what you do to commit suicide for meat and bread. Look up neglected cestode,nematode,trematode tropical diseases. It's the unholy Trinity and foundation the Jews have built there system of world control upon. Even the church's protect these ancient secrets for wealth. Hitler was not a Jew NATZI. He was a Christmas that wared against the NATZI Jews that were economically empoverishing his nation's indigenous people with high loan interest rates. Hitler new the NATZI jew bankers had to be stopped at all cost. Soon you will see why, to.


- a year ago  

👀 Alfred, I'm so pleased that Marin (a genuinely gifted teacher) is just who was needed to get the truth out with you! GREAT presentation! Every word backs up what I've been thinking all this time too. No way is that god written about in the Bible our Heavenly Father, (Indwelling Paradise Father) and there is so much misunderstanding in the words of Jesus in the Bible too. Marin you said, no human could have written what is in the Urantia book, and on checking it out, this is blatantly obvious! Now through your tuition, we can all learn what makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE, and intuition shows us it is the truth! I am going to be more of a part of for sure.... We need to introduce this info in a way that Christians will want to know more, and they will realise this is the truth.


- a year ago  

Donni, dear! Did you get my reply to this message? Hope so. If not, I'll find it and send it to you. xoxo me


- half a year ago  

That which was created by the spirit for the spirit did want man to destroy the liveing blood for food. When man ate the apple his teeth killed the worm with life in it, so man's creator cast the serpent of the tree of life into the soil of the earth to take for it's host all liveing things that feed upon it as it's host to give it life. Everything that takes up the serpent of death is eaten alive from inside and made sick until it also dies from carnivorous predation. Adam and Eve committed suicide by worm for food. The unforgivable sin. This what Jesus came to save the world from, the Jews killed him to save themselves from the truth because they were building an empire of gold from treating all the people they concealed the truth from for diseases. Western catholic medicine to this day still neglects tropical diseases in man through out the world today for wealth and the power to use vaccines to kill you with dieing worm infestations.