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YouTube Censors ET Council Rep Tolec's 7-minute video warning of Deep State False Flag ET invasion

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YouTube Censors Andromeda Council Representative Tolec's 7-minute video warning of Deep State False Flag ET invasion WATCH ON [email protected]: NEWSINSIDEOUT TRUETUBE BLOG Vancouver, BC - In an unusual escalation of already Orwellian censorship of Free Speech on its platforms, You Tube has deleted a 7-minute informational video by Tolec, a Senior Member of the Joint Earth Council of the Andromeda Council. The Andromeda Council video warned of a Deep State False Flag Extraterrestrial invasion, engineered in an attempt to further erode human civilization's civil liberties and freedoms, now that the False Flag Pandemic 2020, also orchestrated by the Deep State has begun to lose credibility among a large segment of humanity. As a matter of usual practice, YouTube censors do not actively intervene in Exopolitical online video Free Speech, which gives credence to the Andromeda Council's and Tolec's warning of a coming attempted Deep State False Flag Extraterrestrial invasion. On May 9, 2001 at the National Press Club in a Disclosure Press Conference officially publicly announced jointly by Dr. Steven Greer, MD and Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, Disclosure Project witness Dr. Carol Rosin testified publicly that a Deep State False Flag Extraterrestrial invasion would be the "last card" in the Earth control agenda of the Draco Reptilian negative Earth occupation force before its final expulsion from Earth. This expulsion, many other Exopolitical observers have stated, will include the awakening human population in alliance with positive Extraterrestrial and interdimensional forces of planetary dimensional frequency Ascension. References Andromeda Council Council.html






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- 4 months ago  

Very helpful guidance. Thank you. Peace to all.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

As above so below. War in Heaven and on the Earth. Fear not, but instead Shine Like the stars with Truth. Exposing Evil for the anti-good that it is.


- half a year ago  

They are demons, Christ is soon to return.