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Syrian Girl πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΎπŸŽ— - Never forget their rage filled hysteria against the unvaccinated.

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Originally uploaded to by Syrian Girl πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΎπŸŽ— Never forget their rage filled hysteria against the unvaccinated.






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Uploaded 2 weeks ago  

January 17th 2023  

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- a week ago  

Have you had your booster yet? Well go ahead and get one. Better yet, get two boosters. You'll be extra, extra protected! The sooner they get their shots, the sooner we'll be done with these Karens. Have fun with your myocardium.


- 2 weeks ago  

Orwell would be proud. Best psy-op system in the world. Remember the radio broadcast of the war of the worlds, back when everyone in the US listened to the radio, there was no TV. They had to shut the broadcast down. They knew they had the public sucked in from then on. I've had neighbors ask where my mask was, and accuse me of being a Republican, tell me they had nothing more to say to me and walk off.


- 2 weeks ago  

Shut up you liars


- 2 weeks ago  

Lying Pedro's.!


- 2 weeks ago  

Now this slime is begging for amnesty.


- 2 weeks ago  

These desperate muppets trying to put the idiot vacced against the unvacced, won't work. And their narrative is falling down, (people dying of heart attacks, and their demented climate emergency, lol two weeks of freezing cold from the Arctic) is blowing up their shitstorm for all to see, except the sheep of course who are in denial and clinging onto any crap mass media can throw them.


- 2 weeks ago  

Nice montage of agents. Is there really any difference between; people who intend you harm because they are conspiring against you, and people who are manipulated and deceived into wanting to do you harm? Like in Morpheus's teaching to Neo, everyone who is not awake can be your enemy. And everyone, this focus many of you have on "religious" beliefs to protect you, save you, or punish your enemies, only results in protecting those intent on ruling over and controlling you. Humanity has the collective ability, here in the tangible world, to have societies and communities that benefit us all, and we also have the ability to allow nefarious people to rule over us. Which is what 99.9% of us are doing now.


- 2 weeks ago  

All of them, every single one of, are enemies of the truth and freedom. They spout the lies, they prostitute themselves willingly for $$$, and a promise they will have a place in the New Order. How many still have a valid public voice? Desperation creeps into their tone, and many have been removed as a result. Oh how the self-righteous have fallen far from their high seats of power (and are about to). Their clown show is failing in the light of truth and with it their power, voice and lust for $$$. I won't miss the sitcom they present nightly, and won't care about their ultimate demise either. For truly, by their evil, they will earn it.


- 2 weeks ago  

The enemy is within... and has taken over. God help us all!


- 2 weeks ago  

You must not be familiar with the allegory of the man drowning in the river?


- 2 weeks ago  

What do these people say now? That they were wrong? No, they say nothing. The faschionable shall not straighten themselves.