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Tony HellerPLUS



Shape Shifting Science

  - 5:00

Climate alarmists alternate between claiming global warming causes more snow and global warming causes no snow.






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November 21st 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

Tony Heller, and helpers? Thank you for your tireless work. Humanity owes you for your thankless work. The world is heading for an incredible change soon. How that pans out I have yet to see. As Clearly the human race is full of sheep. Just follow and do not SEE!


- 2 weeks ago  

A question for Tony, or anyone: The magnetic poles have shifted dramatically recently. Wouldn't this be at least part of the reason we are seeing more snow and generally cooler temps?


- 2 weeks ago  

Dear trevorgrindz, Simply Yes! But there are great factor at work right NOW! The Earth moves around the Sun in a cork screw motion. following the Sun as it also moves around the Milkyway Galaxy. which in turn moves around the Universe. Earth IS a space ship. We are never in the same place twice. But closer we have factor like La Nina, Volcanoes and earth quakes Currently more. There is (SAM) Southern Arctic Mode. Tonga Vucanoe that has sent a shock wave around the world as seen from space. (Youtube - Astrum science) there is the Indian Ocean effect. and more. But WHY HAS THE CORE /MANTEL HEATED? It has! That is why the magnetic field has changed the iron or ferrous metals have become more fluid and moved around, which has move the Magnetic North Pole - South Pole. All this is changing our weather.. Question is what is making the CORE and Mantel heat.. I personally can only make an assumption. Space energies we are passing through creating friction and heat in the Planet. That is the short and breath answer. Great Question. Check out Earthquakes and volcanos on you tube and on line. Oh! In 2019 the GPS system had to be updated (Urgently and early) as the shift had moved 32klms putting Magnetic North closer to true North.


- 2 weeks ago