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Tony HellerPLUS



"The Science"

  - 7:13

Western liberal governments are once again using what they call "the science" as justification to spread fear, suspicion, hatred and division. The same playbook they have always used.






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January 29th 2023  

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- a year ago  

The implication that the 'unvaccinated' present a hazard to the 'vaccinated' is a tacit admission that the vaccine doesn't work.


- a year ago  

Climate Clown Show, weather is not the Wests #1 existential threat to our human existence! —————- Kiddos can you say Gulf of Tonkin, WMD are in Iraq or let’s nation build in Af-forget-it-stan. All big lies like bats caused something unspeakable. ————— What goes up doesn’t always gone down, like Excess Deaths since post bat-flu. ————- Anyone who believes plant gaseous fertilizer CO2 will burn up the planet, is so damn wrong, unless you are a malcontent maladaptive mutant, then you are the second coming and never wrong but whatever you do mutants, never go to a Natural History Museum. —————- Going to a Natural History Museum mutants might experience first hand when CO2 exceeded 4 to 20 times what it is today and how plant and animal life exploded both on land and sea. Just look at all the dinosaur and plant fossils for land and sea at these museums. So much CO2 was in the atmosphere in the past 150 to 650 million years that the planet naturally on its own did its own carbon capture and we call it coal. —————- Over hundred, thousand and million years 1000’ of plant life compresses to near 1’ of Swamy peat and 10’ of peat compresses into near 1’ of bituminous coal. Some coal seams worldwide are 80 meters thick, that’s a lot of natural CO2 carbon capture. —————- Even more CO2 is in corral turned into limestone worldwide but coal is truly a barometer to really how much extra naturally occurring CO2 existed in the dinosaur era, much more than today. —————- Moral of the story, nobody needs to worry about manmade 4% CO2 unless you are afraid of life exploding worldwide on land and in the oceans.


- a year ago  

The very people who want you to believe in science don't have faith in science themselves. They should have confidence in the vaccine they promote so heavily. The vaccine should prevent the virus from infecting people. The vaccine should prevent the virus from spreading to other people. It does not.


- a year ago  

Thanks for the heart attack, but I did not die. I'll continue my useless eating. Lets Go Brandon


- a year ago  

This may be cleaving words, but "heat and draught" can't be correct. Heat do always come after draught. The lack of rain causes draught. When the moist in the sil evaporates, the temperature rises; the heat. Water do have an extremly high heath capasity, about 5 times higher than earth and rock. When there is no moisture left, the temperature rises rapidly. And the lack of rain can possibly be caused by the lack of heat. Without heat water dosn't evaporate from the oceans. Without evaporation we have no clouds. Without clouds we can't have rain. Without rain we have no heat capasity in the soil, and we have a heatwave. 71% of the earths surface is water, but we live on land, and measures the temperatures... On land.


- a year ago  


Truth Sleuth

- a year ago  

One thing that anyone who's capable of critical thinking would realize is that 1) the purpose of vaccination is to protect the vaccinated person(s) from the worst effects of a disease, and 2) if an unvaccinated person were to be symptomatic with that disease, the vaccinated SHOULD be protected by their vaccination. Unless, of course, the vaccine actually does NOT protect. The statistics are showing that the opposite is true: the vaccinated+boosted are MORE likely to catch the disease than the unvaccinated. Their natural immunity has been so compromised by the vaccination process that they're MORE susceptible, not less. Science involves looking at the data!