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Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax--I Know, I Went To See

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Originally uploaded to by Eva K Bartlett According to Western media, now copy-paste reporting the same claims, Russian forces apparently secretly buried *up to 9,000 Mariupol civilians* in "mass graves" in a town just west of the city. Except, it never happened, there is no mass grave. It's actually just a normal, small, cemetery…no pits, no mass graves, just an orderly cemetery whose grave diggers refuted Western claims. On April 23, with journalist Roman Kosarev, I went to Mangush (Manhush in Ukrainian), found a normal cemetery setting, and spoke with the men responsible for burials, who refused the allegations and said they buried each person in a coffin, including, they noted, Ukrainian soldiers.






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April 24th 2022  

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- a month ago  

There is plenty of fake news and propaganda in a war situation, but I'm pretty sure that Russia has invaded Ukraine and caused immense damage and misery. Was Ukraine a military threat to Russia? No.


- 3 weeks ago  

Was Ukraine a military threat to Russia if they joined NATO? That is the real question. And that answer is YES.


- a month ago  

this has been such a farce... news prevention is the only reason it keeps going


- a month ago  

It's amazing to see just how inverted reality has become. We hear that Russians are mass murderers. Then I see countless videos of them feeding civilians and refugees, and the people themselves say the Ukrainian army stole all their food. We hear the Russians are torturing people and executing prisoners. Then I see literally dozens of videos showing the Ukrainians recording themselves doing exactly this to captured Russians or civilians accused of pro-Russian symapthies. Time after time. Claim after claim. From the very start of the war with the "Ghost of Ukraine" and Snake Island, to the Ukrainian attack on their own damn people at the train yard, all fake. This "Our democracy" we're supposedly protecting over there at enormous expense must mean something very different in Ukraine than it does here.


- a month ago  

Oops. Real journalism. How inconvenient.