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Mike Lee - Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we’re $31 trillion in debt …

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Originally uploaded to by Mike Lee Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we’re $31 trillion in debt …






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January 7th 2023  

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- 2 weeks ago  

Democrats ignore half the citizens and the other half treat them as the enemy, leaves an unpaid mortgaged out house, divided country and after the futile IRAQ Search for WMD War, the 20 year nation building Afghanistan War and the biggest mistake of all 3, the BAITO NATO Russia War, this divided bankrupt house cannot stand, as no American is left defending these creeps in the unelected US Security State in DC, that Eisenhower in his 10 minute farewell address warned all Americans about! ————— Beware the Congressional US Military Industrial Complex and their paid controlled scientist and media always lying and promoting the US Military Industrial Complex futile wars. American troops win near all the battles but our US politicians and Pentagon never win or plan to win the war. Neither party DNC or GOP ever plan to declare a war or win it since WW2 and it’s “Greatest Generation”. ————— Remember the US Military Industrial Complex only gets their budget from the US Congressional Congress, who works not for the US Citizens but the US Military Industrial Complex and the secretive US Security DC State! —————- The enemy of our perceived enemy are all now united worldwide against us, not just Russia, China, North Korea and Iran but BRIC nations hell bent to not use our Petro US Dollar anymore. ————— Biden wants to end fossil fuels use in America and shut down the Red States of America producing fossil fuels energy. Obama has already shut down Two Thirds of our US coal production 2009 to 2016, Biden is stopping new oil and gas exploration and ramping up existing gas and oil extraction to deplete known reserves, selling off oil stocks to pay China who divested recently in our Treasury bonds. ————— All-in-all America is as healthy and corrupt as Pelosi and Biden and their DNC are healthy and corrupt today. If anyone thinks the Rhino GOP in control have our back, check it for multiple knives. If BAITO NATO replaces the Azov in Kiev when Ukraine collapses, WW3 I predict will soon start. That means even covertly if NATO puts Polish troops with NATO and American troops into Ukraine no longer dressed up as aids but as foreign forces to fight in Ukraine.


- 3 weeks ago  

The lunatics running our Federal government need to quit


- 3 weeks ago  

Except, they're doing exactly what they were created to do. The "consumers", I mean, citizens... have gone along with every ridiculous thing "government" has done, because that is what they have been created to do. The few mystery figures manipulating society, have molded everything and everyone to be just as they are. That is what I mean by created. Sure, some people complain and make attempts to alter things, or inform people, but all their combined effort will be about as effective as a dozen people pissing on a bonfire.