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Former DNI John Ratcliffe Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax a Conspiracy

  - 8:45

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning. The former DNI, who has been outspoken in his quest to report the truth on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax gave an update on the John Durham investigation into the lies and set-up of Donald Trump during the 2016 election and then for several years into his administration. According to John Ratcliffe we are now looking at a conspiracy. And the former DNI said hiding Hunter’s laptop story was a coordinated attempt to mislead the American people.






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April 24th 2022  

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- a month ago  

You're not talking about the Big DNI are you ? You mean Radcliff didn't know about the Pentagon using our Tax Dollars for Defense to build laboratories for private sector Pharmaceutical Companies; who are suppose to pay for them instead ? Hum, I can see why the Prosecutor of Ukraine was doing more investigative work then the DNI was.


- a month ago  

It appears to me that the statists and their deluded supporters would continue to deny reality even if they were to see the Clinton crime family and the Biden crime family brag openly about it.

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- a month ago  

And... The entire alphabet agency cabal that performed the coup still walk free and laugh. And many work lucrative jobs at Corporate News Networks. Apocalyptic level corruption.


- a month ago  

The Washington establishment was always terrified of Trump and they spent 2 elections trying to oust him. Campaign spying, fake dossiers, impeachment, suppressing harmful stories, unconstitutional lockdowns, unconstitutional mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting in swing states. I firmly believe if Trump had retained the office in 2020 there would have been an attempt on his life by now.


- a month ago  



- a month ago  

A coordinated attempt to mislead the American people, - yes indeed. But the rest of the world too is suffering because of this false hegemon: the USA. The election of Biden is a fraud, he's an imposter and the present administration should not have been there. Trump won!