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Tony HellerPLUS



Climate Meltdown

  - 5:38

The world's number one academic climate fraudster is trying to extort half a trillion dollars from large corporations as part of his climate protection racket.






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April 27th 2022  

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Category: Politics



- a month ago  

those chemtrails bother me


- a month ago  

The "P" in "PBS" now stands for Pure, and you just say the other two letters after it. Go to yewtoob, watch one of their PBS Terra videos, and scroll through the comments. Every one of them is from saps who are CONVINCED of the "existential threat" to the point of maniacal zealotry. Trying to point out to them the chicanery of their priests is pointless. Their faith in the Doctrines and Prophecies of the Holy Church of the Climate Crisis is blind and will hear no dissent or heresy, even when it is backed by solid, proveable evidence. Tony and others are doing good work to counter the "Pure BS", but they are too few, too late, and too censored. I don't feel comfortable acting like a defeatist, but I do believe the cause is lost...and the alarmists have won. They have complete support from every major western government, the corporate realm, academia from preK thru post grad, publishing, banking, entertainment, advertising, media outlets, journalism, etc; etc; etc; There is nowhere that any opposition will be allowed to get a foothold; and the indoctrination of the masses is effectively at saturation level. I think we're screwed. Not because of climate change, but because of climate alarmists.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a month ago  

Well said... I went all in with God. So have you all seen the Biblical prophesy for the masses?


- a month ago  

And actually the Earth is in an ICE AGE. The recent 3 million years have been the coldest of the last 200 million years. You can even find that on wikipedia.


- a month ago  

Remember, the first and most definitive consequence of anthrogenic warming determined by climatologists is permanent Arctic sea ice loss. Hence, no other phenomenon can be attributed to anthrogenic warming until there is unassailable, overt, unambiguous and permanent loss of that Arctic sea ice. And there is no such objective evidence from satellite, ocean and sea lane monitoring. So, what have climatologists rationalized? Remember epicycles were defended, revised, and promulgated for centuries to maintain the geocentric model by the established intelligencia, it is called ideological capture. Something akin to the military industrial complex , big pharma, big agro, big banks, big union, and big healthcare having an outsized control on their industry colluding with lawmakers, regulators and the press.

Brendan Ward

- a month ago  

Actually, I agree with Northern Ireland's Assembly. We do need to get rid of the sheep - the two-legged variety.


- a month ago  

Cold has always been more of a threat to mankind than heat has been. According to the anthropological records we have, humans have populated Africa from the beginning, which obviously is known for its heat. On the other hand, Neanderthals are the only people, as far as I am aware, that have gone extinct since humans have been on this Earth, and it is widely accepted the reason why is because of extreme cold.

Gyri Sulcie

- a month ago  

Northern Ireland can reach it's climate goal by not filling the country with immigrants. But no, the globalists wants to import 1 million Africans before 2040.