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Tony HellerPLUS



White Supremacists In America

  - 5:31

The wealthy residents of sanctuary city Martha's Vineyard say they have no room for poor immigrants on their island. This apparently doesn't apply to the immigrants who come in for the day to clean their homes and take care of their children.






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September 19th 2022  

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Category: Politics



- 4 days ago  

Liberals only want to destroy America and shove everyone into slavery, period.


- 5 days ago  

On Marthard's Vineyard, 49 illegals is diversity, but 50 is an invasion and require deportation!


- 5 days ago  

How imaginary No Democrat questioned the 2016 Trump election? But no Democrat will let Republicans question the 2020 election! ————- The Russiagate fictitious Christopher Steele dossier paid for by the Clinton Foundation and hailed by the FBI as proof Trump was a stooge of Putin, was proven to be fake by Special Counsel Robert Mueller after a very short 2017 to 2019 investigation. What did Special Counsel Robert Mueller conclude? ————- O Russiagate, Russiagate wherefore art thou, O Russiagate? Deny thy GOP and refuse thy heritage. Or if that wilt not, be but born my sheep. And I will be your greatest election. ‘Tis but emails, that is my enemy: These art yoga emails, not classified. What Emails? It is nor Bill nor Loretta. Nor CNN nor Special Counsel Mueller nor any other fake news, Belongings to a bathroom server. ————- O be some Russian disinformation. What’s in a Submitted Pursuant c.f.r. & 600.8(c)? That which we call the Mueller report. By any other name would control the narrative; But Russiagate would, were he not so dishonest, that dear Wikileaks so owned. Without them Dems. Russiagate, hysteria, And for that TDS, which is no part of thee, Take all control of our social media. ————- Fade to black and madness... ,and in your solitude Dems, continue to shelter in place and don’t forget to wear those pesky masks, lights out. ————- Today, Ah but Joey B says covid no longer exists, Covidian passports need not exist, how imaginary it all was. ———— Trump Derangement Syndrome like Global Warming are a mental disorders that must be eradicated.


- 5 days ago  

The dems most certainly DID question the 2016 election. Hillary Assassin Clinton was one of them! They went on and on about it for months!


- a week ago  

The biden crime family is protected by the corrupt deep state.


- a week ago  

That retarded jackass can't find his ass with both hands. Supreme THIS you old codger