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Sharyl Attkisson: How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press

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January 19th 2022  

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- 4 months ago  

Unrelated comment but maybe a good read and slightly current to the topic of this video. This comment I made on History Debunked UTube channel by Simon an old Brit no matter how I edit it keeps getting erased by YouTube any idea why? ————— California Berkeley University story from the 1980’s and Chinese discrimination in favor of foreigners and mostly mainland Chinese against in-state Californians practiced by the University themselves for monetary reasons. ————- A programmer I know who now runs a large software division and very successful was denied initially to be accepted at Berkeley University for computer science but why? ————- As a CA high school graduate in the 1980’s he applied to in-state California Berkeley University with stellar high school grades in both math and programming and near perfect SAT’s. He was rejected by Berkeley. ————- So he reapplied for another degree program less sought out, got accepted and then after one year transferred into computer science programming at Berkeley. ————- What he found were mostly foreign students, mostly mainland Chinese, who all pay top dollar for a Berkeley computer science degree as opposed to in-state Californians who pay very little due to California laws. ————- The reality is California forcing universities to accept in-state students at pennies on the dollar compared to out of state and foreigners who paid exorbitantly, well do the math, heck I would myself only matriculate foreigners to maximize profits, who wouldn’t? ————- ————- One story of mainland Chinese, feel the love, makes me want to cry, story of true partnership, that this same programmer told me, should make anyone lift an eye working with the CCP. ————- Same in-state CA programmer doing well at Berkeley wrapping his computer science degree, gets partnered with an absolutely brilliant mainland Chinese computer science programmer student and all because their Professor wants some kumbaya, at least once and forces this Chinese brilliant student programmer to partner with this in-state talented senior. Apparently at the time none of the mainland Chinese students partnered with any US students, a kinda reverse discrimination. —————. So the project needs started and this in-state CA programmer keeps trying to contact the mainland Chinese programmer but he thwarts working with him. Finally the Chinese brilliant programmer tells the in-state student programmer, stop trying to contact him, he will never work him AND to add insult to injury tells him, ‘he has been sharing his notes, homework and helping out (helping them cheat) with all the other mainland Chinese students and for all 4 years only mainland Chinese helping carry the whole mainland Chinese class.’ —————. After I heard that story I admit as a whole the Chinese may have a slightly higher IQ than us living in the states but as a rule of mine, I don’t trust any group who act like a beehive or collective, I don’t care how smarty pants they are.


- 4 months ago  

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Deplorable Neanderthal

- 4 months ago  

"Co-opted" is too kind a word. "Corrupted" might fit, but really what they've done cannot be explained using words acceptable in polite society.


- 4 months ago  

Dr. Stefan Lanka's experiments explained ... viruses do not exist ... now proven


- 4 months ago  

Sharyl is a real journalist. Sad how she's been treated.