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Carl Sagan and Government_ Charlie Rose.wmv

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Originally uploaded to by strobe5000 Carl Sagan's view on science and government






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Uploaded 3 months ago  

October 30th 2021  

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- 2 months ago  

A bit off topic, actually way off topic, I read recently that Mars’s thin atmosphere is purported to be 95% CO2. I was hoping for all this CO2 to warm Mars up but it’s average temp is -60C. NASA should enlist Michael Mann to conjure up more Global Warming on Mars due to its 95% CO2. Mars also has recorded brief releases of methane output during its summers, another Global Warming source. I’m sure Michael Mann could conjure up on Mars more dire warming on Mars due to its 95% CO2 and Summertime outbursts of CH4 Methane. Glad Michael Mann in the 1980’s came up with this charade and total crock called Global Warming due mostly to an abundance of CO2. Mars at 95% CO2 should be intolerably hot but not so. Also NASA sends a stationary rover to Mars called InSight to measure marsquakes and a probe to dig 5 meters down and measure the Martian crust temperature. We all know that Earth’s mantle or crust is outputting on land near the surface worldwide at 14C or 57F. The InSight Mars rover was designed with a device called the mole that was to dig down to 5 meters or 15’ to 16’ down. NASA dug down as far as a foot (35cm) before the device popped up. After multiple attempts NASA gave up trying to dig down with this mole device. Learning what temperature the Martian mantle or crust is at 10’ or up to 15’ would have been very interesting but alas NASA failed this time around. Just saying, not pointing fingers.


- 3 months ago  

You DO realize that Sagan was a far-leftist zealot who could not see his own contradictions? He is the FATHER of the "runaway greenhouse effect" hypothesis - it's what his PHd thesis was about, regarding Venus. Though, later, he tepidly refuted his own thesis, he NEVER spoke out against a whole raft of similar nonsense later, when it suited his leftist agenda. He NEVER had a problem milking taxpayers for all kinds of "science" things - SETI being perhaps the most obvious example.


- 3 months ago  

That sooner or later he referenced is NOW! There is nothing new under the sun. Everything happening now We, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, told you ahead of time in Scripture the evangelizing gospel here with Me the Princess the Spirit and the Bride the Chosen Lady of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene Our Lord the Anointed Life-Giving Living Branch the Victorious Lamb of Allaha and Your Chosen Sister! Carl said it right. "Otherwise we don't run the government, the government runs us." You don't control your government and they don't serve you. Worship no human being. Work for Allaha and give him glory! Judgement concluded and now you must void your sins through active daily repentance in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene and perform the righteous works and the good deeds giving glory to Allaha. You cannot serve two masters. The problem with what you do when you worship a human being is they cannot offer you eternal life and the many universes yet to come! Eashoa is Victorious! Government doesn't lay down their lives for you like I have been doing for over a million years! The wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of Allaha! We have a perfect record of Scripture fulfillment to back up what We are all about: Life and the Truth! Manifest the Power!


- 3 months ago  

Allaha? Never heard of that god.