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Jen Psaki Spars With A Reporter Over The Keystone XL Pipeline

  - 4:12

Biden blocked Keystone because he said it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now they claim the oil is being shipped and burned anyway. Originally uploaded to by Forbes Breaking News At a press briefing on Wednesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke about oil production. Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: Forbes Video on Twitter: Forbes Video on Instagram: More From Forbes:






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April 19th 2022  

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- a month ago  

These people are SICK. The fact that she can stand there and LIE to mericans every day should be a crime punishable by long term prison. Seriously. If a spokesperson for the United States president knowingly tells Americans lives it should be a federal felony that results in mandatory sentences starting in the 10-year range


- a month ago  

This is so funny. What exactly? The hands talker. I'm just amazed that they can have a hands talker but not bother with captions. Do deaf people have a hard time reading? Is the illiterate rate of the deaf that do read sign language is very high I was not aware of it.


- a month ago  

Of course, our intelligence services could never have seen what Russia was up to. The rest of us had no trouble imagining such a scenario. The lies are not worth listening to except these goddamned pieces of shit are running the country.


- a month ago  

It is a yes or no question. What a fucking retard red headed cunt who can not answer a simple question. What is wrong with people who think that these retards are looking out for the American people? Do you or people you care about have to die for you to see that they are all about themselves? Why are these types of people are not doxed and done with for the betterment of humanity? I just do not get it.


- a month ago  

Oil prices are UP 100% since the dribbler-in-chief was elected. Only 10% - 15% of that rise has occurred since the occupation of Ukraine. Lying Libtards, all of them.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a month ago  

All politicians. back stage they laugh & take delight in our destruction. Viper potion pushers.


- a month ago  

The build up is causing the rise. Not just he war.


- a month ago  

You won't be able to put this slimy, leftist whore into a corner, and if you do, she will become increasingly psychotic to rationalize the irrational.