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Seth's Nature Trick

  - 8:13

The climate fraud from the press and Biden administration is ramping up to spectacular levels ahead of the Glasgow meeting.






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October 30th 2021  

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- a year ago  

Figuring... Summer 2020, on the rez, truck filled with 20-something yo fellas in back stopped across street at about 4 am to pick up another young fella. Later that morning, several fires reported in forests near the Oregon coast (15-miles away) near Otis. Merged into one big fire that burned the gear that allowed my internet access. At about same time Antifa and BLM were being funded to riot in Portland and MSM branded their riots as "mostly peaceful protests." Fraud of anthropogenic catastrophic climate change is funded by globalist elitists for a purpose. Corporations are included as vendors to bigger vendors if they serve same agenda as the bigger corps. Blackrock's agenda is not only "combating" anthropogenic catastrophic climate change, but also CRT, gender-expansion, and all things cancel culture. Blackrock is the creation of the central & international investment banks. Their main agenda is the Great Reset/New World Order/World Communist Revolution/World Corporation and Pax Judeica.


- a year ago  

The chart showing burn acreage in the US displayed between timeline 1:45 to 2:00, I think I can explain why the 1920’s and 1930’s had so much more burn acreage than any other time and why the country never again will experience that much massive burn acreage. In explaining this, I’m going to come off a little like Forest Gump in the movie, who seemed to always be there when great historical calamities occurred. ————- When my grandfather died at his funeral in 1952, 4 years before I was born, my Aunt a spinster who never married and lived with my grandfather, taking care of him in his old age, at his funeral, noted a well dressed individual that no one knew, wasn’t family and kept to himself. My Aunt Lillian went to him to inquire who he was. He answered a retired engineer who worked for the railroad. Curious, she asked how did you know her father Isaac Smith, the engineer said, never met him in person but knew of him professionally. My Aunt now thoroughly piqued in curiosity, why a man who never met her dad, was at his funeral especially someone who was employed by the railroads. Her father in the 1920’s and 1930’s, sued in court the railroads for massive fires they caused. Why indeed would this engineer who worked for the railroads, that her father sued repeatedly and won sometimes and won big, why would he go to Isaac Smith’s funeral, especially if the engineer admitted he never met her father. The engineers answer floored my Aunt Lillian who told me this story decades later in the 1970’s. ————- The retired railroad engineer answered, I wanted to pay my respects to your father, who due to his constant lawsuits suing the railroads for causing massive forest fires that also started fires that consumed farms and prairies throughout all of America, he wanted to attend his funeral in respect for what he made happen. My Aunt asked again what did he think her father did. The engineer repeated, your father single-handedly in all the United States saved more farmland, forests and prairie from going up in smoke than any one person walking the planet, due to the railroads and their steam fired coal engines spitting out hot coals starting all these massive fires throughout America in the 1920’s to 1930’s. ————- My Aunt certainly was taken back by this and asked, ‘how or why do you think this?’. His answer, ‘because while employed by the railroad company as an engineer it was his design and invention to put on all steam coal fired railroad engines a type of smoke stack to catch the hot coals from not exiting their smoke stacks that worked so well that steam coal fired railroad engines stopped from being sources of fires. ———- Seems to fantastical even for me to be true but that is what my Aunt told me. Why could it be true? Because these railroad tycoons were like today’s green billionaires and can do what they want, when they want because they are fantastically rich. My Aunt told me lawyers lined up to take my grandfather’s cases because so many of them became judges while fighting his cases against the railroads. No one sued the railroads and won over these fires back then but apparently my grandfather did and occasionally won and won big. The railroads companies got so fed up with my grandfather they paid an engineer to make a smoke stack work so well that no more hot coals could exit the engines stack to cause another large fire. As this newly designed smokestack he designed became the standard this engineer said forest fires from these old steam coal fired engines became less and less a problem. ————- Also Diesel Railroad engines were introduced in the late 1930’s and by the 1950’s pretty much replaced the old steam coal fired railroad engine. ————- That is why by the1940’s and 1950’s fires throughout America fires caused by the railroads diminished due to first a better mousetrap smokestack on old steam coal fired railroad engines and two by 1950 Diesel Railroad engines replaced coal fired engines. My two cents for what it is worth. In this digital make believe world of global balmy CO2 nonsense probably not much.


- a year ago  

The cartoon at 6:37 is like the "substitution bias," (i.e. lie,) in calculating CPI --, (see pages 25 through 28 to learn the magic trick.)


- a year ago  

Orwell was a true clairvoyant. Nostradamus had nothing on George Orwell.


- a year ago  

carbon dioxide is good for the environment. Why do we call the communist Castrophosizers (new word) scientists? how about clowns


- a year ago  

THESE morons are natural born IDIOTS!


- a year ago  

So many lies. It's world wide. This is not going to end well. 😢

Truth Sleuth

- a year ago  

Figures don't lie, but liars will figure. Pretty clear which camp climate alarmists reside in.