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Cold .. Is The New Hot

  - 3:16

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted a warm start to the year in the US. The exact opposite occurred. So government climate scientists did what they almost always do - they altered the data.






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April 29th 2022  

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- 2 years ago  

My yewt oob feed has been full of alarmist videos from PBS Terra recently. They are chock full of Pure BS (PBS), but it's the comments section that disturbs me the most. One after another, endless anecdotal little stories from blind-faith desciples of The Crisis Church such as, "I lived in Stupidtown for 22 years and the weather is more extreme every year", or "I'm sick of seeing more frequent and intense hurricanes -- get rid of cars", or "My family has been in Moronville for 200 years but I moved to Kansas bc of climate change", and "I remember March snow here in Dumbasston when I was a kid, but we won't have ANY snow soon". The saturation level of the approved propaganda would make Goebbels jealous.


- 2 years ago  

The government graphs of increased and exponentially increasing warming, by logic and necessity, should have unambiguous and permanent and unrelenting effects on physical moderators of heat on the Earth, such as sea ice, snow, and the oceanic temperature. Yet none of these effects are evident. The emperor has no clothes. That is, a lot of theatre by well rewarded tailors who created a fabulous fiction that commoners are afraid to call out. Courage is not the absence of fear; rather it is the self reflection, and self regulation to master one's fear and act decisively. Courage required fear.


- 2 years ago  

April has been not warm here in Finland. I hope the summer will be- let’s see.


- 2 years ago  

I just dont understand how they are getting away with this. Is there no morality left in this country ?


- 2 years ago  

CO2 is actually improving the climate. Anyone who’s willing to look at NASA photographs knows the earth is greening. If in fact the climate lunatics achieve their goals and CO2 falls, the greening of the earth would reverse. That would mean Browning. Why would any reasonable person want that to happen?


- 2 years ago  

Please, if you can, go into the details of how and WHY they feel justified in changing the data.


- 2 years ago  

For less than one year in 2009 I moved to California living in Russian Hill San Francisco. While in San Francisco from March to October that year to my utter amazement it rarely rained the whole time. I asked a local San Franciscan is this normal and was told not only yes but to read the non-fiction book Cadillac Desert to fully understand the vast desert drought like weather cycles for the past couple millennia for the entire California coast. I was told it was required reading in their CA high school. ————- Everyone should read this book as I did. It starts by noting the Spaniards in the 1500’s sailing into the San Francisco Bay and not seeing any green or trees just vast desert like conditions. They sailed back down the coast looking for the first perennial stream which they only could fine near where San Diego is now. They noted virtually no American Indians between the San Francisco Bay and only a small Indian tribe by where this little perennial creek existed. Today half the Colorado River annually is pumped across California to LA and the other half of LA’s water sources comes from canals all up and down the Sierra Nevada mountain range from collected winter snows. Even the massive Redwoods in Northwest California near the Oregon border live for near 6 months on fog and water condensation nearly every single night. It just doesn’t rain or even drizzle for 6 months every spring and summer in California for 10,000’s of years but the massive Redwoods have persisted in CA for 10,000’s of years living off the nightly fog and the condensation it provides these amazing preserved Teddy Roosevelt Redwood forests. ————- Tony Heller is my US Ministry of Truth not our US Democratic politicians! Global warming by manmade CO2 is a farce thrust upon the sheep of America and world who loath America and curiously all due to one US political party, the Democratic Party. Tony Heller videos prove nearly daily how our own US government led by only one party the Democratic Party distorts the weather data to prove that the hottest decade on record, the dust bowl in the 1930’s worldwide, is magically due to their government lies is the coldest decade in the past 150 years. ————- Tony Heller is the most sane an amazing documentarian on this topic yet I have found but of recent he is now forced to publish his videos beyond the reach of Google’s YouTube in fear of being politically banned and posts here on Newtube his full videos. That to me is the craziest Orwellian US fact of all!


- 2 years ago  

Stop testing and there's no pandemic. Stop measuring and there's no global warming


- 2 years ago  



- 2 years ago  

Evil bastards are in charge of our Federal government


- 2 years ago  

The main point is that they can not predict the weather 3 months in advance and they are telling you that in 100 year it will be "this" (when we are all dead) They never get it right and why they are not visited in the middle of the night is mind boggling. We have become so weak that we let scammers do what ever they want.


- 2 years ago  

Did they acknowledge their adjustments, and give some reason for it? If the raw temperature series is available, they are implicitly acknowledging the adjustments. What reason did they give?


- 2 years ago  

The new US ministry of truth is pleased with NOAA


- 2 years ago  

According to one of the people on whom Tucker Carlson pulled back the curtain last night, your facts and conclusions amount to a "false dichotomy," or in honest-speak, truth.


- 2 years ago  

That curtain Toto has been pulling back is the irony curtain.