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Originally uploaded to by CitizenWells Tim Adams Obama not born in Hawaii, Hawaii election official in 2008, No birth certificate Tim Adams states in an interview that Obama was not born in Hawaii and that is why there is a Certification of Live Birth on file. Only one major TV network has covered this issue. Lou Dobbs, while still at CNN asked the simple question. Why doesn't Obama provide a legitimate birth certificate? There is only one question that controls this issue: "Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?"...Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans Read more at:






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November 28th 2021  

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- 2 months ago  

The certificate either exists or it doesn't exist. Why is this so complicated?


- 2 months ago  

Here is an interesting presentation by David Kreisel for the "Chaos Communication Congress" held in Hamburg in December 2014! It is in German so most people here will not understand what David is saying! Here an attempt for a "simultaneous" English translation Here a short "abstract" of what is shown about the "Obama Birth Certificate" in the beginning of the presentation: The theme of the presentation is that "intelligent" copiers sometimes "falsifies" the copy. The reason is that it actually uses OCR of text in order to compress data! Just as an arbitary example in this completely un-politically presentation David initially discusses the copy of Obamas birth certificate, just as an example of "strange copying" At time 4:40 he shows an enlargement. In the number "641" one can actually see that "64" have an other appearence then "1". At time 5:44 it can also to be seen that in the text "of the record" originating from the "rubber stamp" the word "the" has a deviating appearence!! Here a download is offered


- 2 months ago  

Well let's add Obama to the list of illegitimate presidents... right alongside the puppet Biden.