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Tony HellerPLUS



Polis The Libertarian

  - 3:05

I fled Colorado two years because of the governor's authoritarian takeover of business and public life. Now he claims to be a libertarian defending freedom.






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April 23rd 2022  

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- a month ago  

Fuck Colorado.


- a month ago  

The Woke are willing to destroy the Planet just to be part and parcel of Green Energy, many buy purchasing EV’s


- a month ago  

Us too Tony. We fled Colorado for Idaho just two years ago.


- a month ago  

And you know what is coming next Tony, this clown will shut it down, then blame climate change when Colorado goes through its Texas scenario, (or many will freeze to death). Lets hope that he has jabbed and boosted up.


- a month ago  

Record cold in the Midwest, massive snowfall in Spain, and still no demonstrable, unequivocal, persistent pattern of Arctic ice loss, damn this global warming has gotten extreme. In fact, the measured effects are below the lowest curves of all the current climate models. Scientists would call that a bias, if they were honest. And remember, the Arctic sea ice is the most sensitive indicator of warming. If no unambiguous evidence of warming has occurred in the Arctic, then no confidence or credibility can be given to any other phenomenon ascribed to warming.

Otway Ranges Victoria

- a month ago  

Main Stream media here in Australia constantly slander people with the term 'climate change denier' just yesterday the left wing Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspaper journalist did a hit piece and blamed Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the bushfires a few years ago along with the drought back then and the current floods, they said that Morrison lacked 'climate action' so according to believers of this climate change scam you can alter the climate by taking action on it, reading through the comments on facebook was frightening, people saying things like "we demand climate action" and "We should be cutting emissions" when someone pointed out that Communist China increases their co2 output every 6 months by the amount we out out in a year they said it didn't matter and that if we had have cut ours it would have stopped bad weather, believers in this scam cant even use their brain to rationally think, but there are people still are convinced that if Australia cuts all co2 it will have an effect on the weather, the main stream media down here are just lying to the public about this climate change lie.


- a month ago  

I made $160 today, in half a day, and you could too! Get a chainsaw and learn to use it, and do some manual labor for people who have some money & need trees cut up. Online pyramid scheme spamming jobs are for girly men. Love that someone clamped down on the spam posts finally!


- a month ago  

The government of Colorado (my home state for over 60years) loves to meddle in the business of all small businesses. We have replaced a lot of taxes, which we have to vote on, with fees for all sorts of things. I used to love Colorado, and am considering elsewhere.


- a month ago  

I'm curious. Can you give me an example of a previous tax that became a fee?


- a month ago  

DataMeister: Let's take auto registration. It used to be a simple ownership tax. A 1990 vehicle I owned for 20 years went from about thirty bucks to over 0 one year. My current vehicle registration shows a specific ownership tax (minimal) plus Age of vehicle Add-on, Bridge Safety Surcharge, Clerk Hire Fee, County Road and Bridge, Emergency Medical Services, Emissions-Statewide Air Account, Insurance Fee, Material Fee (Year Tab), Motorist Insurance Database Fee, Peace Officer Standardized Training Fee, Registration Base Fee County, and Road Safety Surcharge. On this particular vehicle, the 'tax' is $3 and the total or the other fees, $68.62. I guess I should be happy to finally see where my money is going, but with each fee comes an set of bureaucrats assigned to collect and disburse the collected money. I may be out of my element, but this is how I see what is going on. Thanks for asking, though. I intend to pay closer attention to the small things.


- a month ago  

Love watching them fail


- a month ago  

Hopefully Elon Musk with put a stop to this totalitarian BS at Twatter.