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Justice Sotomayor : "over 100,000 children" hospitalized with covid

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Originally uploaded to by Greg Price Here is Justice Sotomayor saying that "hospitals are almost all full capacity" and there are "over 100,000 children" hospitalized with covid "many on ventilators. None of those things are true. Not even close.






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January 8th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

The CDC website lists approx. 5,500 children with severe symptoms, nearly all with preexisting conditions. I did not see where any of them were on vents specifically because of covid. Sotomayor is a classic example of a sad truism in America these days: affirmative action allows undeserving people to succeed in ways unimaginable if solely based on merit! She is nothing more than an indoctrinated self-deluded left-wing activist. In spite of her overwhelming ignorance and incompetence, she was appointed to the highest court in the land because spineless cowardly republicans in Congress would not vote against her because... she is a female Hispanic. I personally do not care if anyone thinks I'm racist, sexist, or homophobic... sooner or later, truth, reality, facts, and a sense of right and wrong, will need to come to the forefront, or this nation will surely fall to wayside of history. The sky is blue Grass is green When it rains, shit gets wet! Oh, and, YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!


- half a year ago  

China prohibits lawyers from becoming involved in running their country or writing CCP policy. Listening to this nonsense and outright lies by a US Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, I understand why China forbids lawyers getting involved in running their country. ————- I suspect there are dishonest hospitals reporting full capacity due to covid but the reality is they are falsifying their records only to get federal tax monies to the tune of $30K per bed per covid patient, Ching, Ching! Hell will freeze over before 60 minutes does a segment highlighting massive hospital fraud falsifying these imaginary covid patients.


- half a year ago  

Take the exact opposite of what is said on this video and that is pretty much the truth. Thanks for posting this. Now I know more of what is true.


- half a year ago  

Supreme Court, huh? America's finest, huh? We had no idea that America was this incompetent...this level of ignorance is all through our government.


- half a year ago  

America's finest, Incompetent? Imbecilic clowns who probably got to their positions by favours which must be returned. Gotta admit the 'Western' world has been dumbed down for many decades now. From many angles.


- half a year ago  

There is no excuse to vaccinate the children with these experimental death jabs! To do it is genocide! But that is what they want!

Wes Hamel

- half a year ago  

What planet does she live on. She needs to get out more. These people seem to be isolated from the real world, or, are on board with the UN/WEF agenda.


- half a year ago  

Clueless beyond belief. I would say she is on the take, but those lies are so bad, she has clearly succumbed to "mass formation psychosis." It's a religion now...

Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

LIARS and more prevaricators professional propagandist, mind control via cheap talk by cheap people, the garbage pile of paid off shills.. HELL satan, they yammer,,, spelled hale.


- half a year ago  

She is beyond stupid. America has committed suicide by turning its back on truth. This Sotomayor person is a blight, a cancer. And she is elevated to such a position?