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Tony HellerPLUS



Eisenhower's Warning About Science

  - 10:17

A few very unscrupulous academics are being used to destroy western civilization.






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Uploaded 3 months ago  

October 19th 2020  

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Category: Politics


Anthony - NewTube Founder

- 3 months ago  

Masks don’t work and aren’t necessary for coronaviruses same goes for vaccines!!

Peter Clark

- 3 months ago  

Science has the option of providing a source of knowledge that proactively stands up against the ever-present sources of BS. ie: Most religions, the media, political power-seekers which pretty much describes everything that has held our species back from understanding both our frailty and our potential. History if it is anything is a description of persistent failure; based on our pathetic demands 'to know'. Science is not in that game. That is its strength, it knows it is a process.

The State

- 3 months ago  

Ignorant people talk about us "Scientists" and "Science" as though there is complete consensus among us all. Science does not work that way, it never has. Tony makes a good point about this. Consensus is rare among scientists, and even when there is a consensus among a majority, that doesn't make it correct. In fact, it would be a disservice to science and humankind to all agree on all aspects of complex topics like CCPV-19, cosmology, climate, and many others.


- 3 months ago  

Agreed! The waters are always murky, look before we leap. The greatest gift a brain can receive is discernment.

Anthony - NewTube Founder

- 3 months ago  

Modern science is always advancing. There can be accepted science but never settled science.