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Obama open mic slip: 'After my election I have more flexibility'

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Originally uploaded to by RT On Monday while President Obama was taking part in a global nuclear security summit in South Korea, he was caught on tape asking for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for "space." "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility," Obama implored. Obama assured the departing Russian President he will have the "flexibility" required to deal with missile defense issues after the 2012 presidential election. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook






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Uploaded 2 months ago  

December 3rd 2021  

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Tarquin The Rotter

- 2 months ago  

He’s a rat.

Barbarossa 296

- 2 months ago  

Arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity are traits held in abundance by our cultural Marxist/Globalist (rebranded Communist) elites. Right now, they’re culling the flock of cowardly terminally stupid “sheeple” by “vaccine”. These are the very same people that obey them and support them. Without these people, our elites are powerless. In the not too distant future, they shall have reduced their support to the point that they can no longer continue their genocide. Without that support, we can find every single one of them and relieve them of their fortunes and their lives. RESIST, ENDURE, and PREPARE.

My Brighteon Channel

- 2 months ago  

There is a BLIZZARD currently in Hawaii at upper elevations. Heavy snow and winds too. Amazing :


- 2 months ago  

Yeah, the war has been going on for decades and we have been losing for decades because we didn't even realize or want to admit we were at war in the first place. We have already lost. get it? There isn't a single institution left standing in America worth protecting. The military may finally take the reins of the government away from the usurpers but I doubt it. In any other third world country, they would have. We PRIDED ourselves on being the best while it was being stolen from us. Because of that pride, we fell. We shunned God and God gave us over to a spirit of slumber and the reprobate minds we see on full display everywhere we look.