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What Is Nicholas Lyons Doing In Davos At The World Economic Forum?

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Originally uploaded to by Rebel News | MORE: City of London Lord Mayor, Nicholas Lyons, was in attendance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual conference in Davos, Switzerland. Rebel News UK reporter Callum Smiles tracked him down to ask him some questions in the streets of Davos. Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content. Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous audience to help keep us reporting. Please consider supporting Rebel News by making a donation, purchasing a RebelNews+ subscription, shopping in our online store, or any of the other methods below: ►Support our independent journalism - ►We accept cryptocurrency! - ►Rebel News Plus - Become a Premium Content subscriber - ►BUY Rebel News gear - ►LISTEN to our FREE podcast - Make sure to follow Rebel News on social media too! FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - RUMBLE - Follow all of our YouTube channels here: Rebel News Canada - Rebel News Australia - Rebel News USA - Rebel News UK - Rebel News Québec - Ezra Levant - Avi Yemini - Miss Understood - Rebel News Español - An original video production by Rebel News. #RebelNews #RebelNewsUK #WorldEconomicForum






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January 18th 2023  

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- 4 days ago  

Everyone has needs & wants in their life, which generally follow Abraham Maslow's hierarchy. Individuals and groups created institutions to corporately reduce overall effort required to individually translate available resources into products required to achieve degrees of satisfaction of these innumerable needs & wants. Individuals let institutions supply needed products & services which would otherwise require more of their own individual effort to achieve than is required to obtain from institution. When needs of some go unfilled while wants of others are fulfilled, some social instability results. Social stability results when some critical level of satiation is reached for some critical percentage of the ppl. 4 binary institution types (IT): Religion-Social (RS), Money-Commerce (MC), Law-Politics (LP), and Scitech-Infrastructure (SI). Everyone has tendency to view experiential existence primarily from viewpoint of one or another binary IT. Ruling class planners supposed to view all simultaneously. 1st IT of binary couplet provides stability to 2nd IT. Thru history, ea distinct culture has distinct integration of 4 binary IT. When/as 1st IT of couplet fails, 2nd's failure not far behind. Societies tend to have dominant binary IT while other binary IT are weakened to point where only most basic of most ppls' needs of those subservient binary ITs are met. Moving world's distinct cultures into one copesetic global culture doesn't mean supporting multi-cultures, it means aligning all binary IT into one same form throughout. You do this by bribery of 2nd couplet part of dominant binary IT, to get other cultures to share in same 1st couplet part of dominant binary IT, then by weakening rest of their binary ITs. Regime change is only one small part of it. History & culture is struggle for dominance between IT. North Am (NA) colonies started w/RS dominance over other IT. MC slowly grew here into dominant IT. USA came to be when estranged England's LP exerted dominance over other colonial IT, MC in particular. (M) in late 18th century NA became restricted (by Parliament) to British legal tender. Insufficiency of M collapsed C part of couplet. Revolution. It's same as what's going on now globally. M is failing worldwide faster than other binary IT can be weakened, and C is collapsing/collapsed. Ppl resist change. Fear global gulag. WEFers goals slipping away from their grasp. They see it as We the Peoples' fault, rather than their own inability to observe, orient, decide and act together in concert with We the People, to bring life improvement to all rather than to just the elitists.


- 2 weeks ago  

"All bad weather is climate change, and driving your car did is causing it!" How can you be so gullible to believe this nonsense?? 🤡


- 2 weeks ago  

It starts out each day with a prayer & pledge: Dearly beloved - we are here to form one brain... One brain to blame the faulty batteries in EVs and electric motorcycles, moped and bikes on climate change


- 2 weeks ago  

The single most important challenge the world faces are the elitist ass-clowns that push climate change bs and want total control of us, you and me.