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"It'll Start Getting Cooler, You Just Watch"

  - 10:22

President Trump's science, vs. the junk science of California politicians.






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Uploaded 4 months ago  

October 27th 2020  

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Category: Politics



- 4 months ago  

I live in CA, Southern CA where it's the warmest. When they say the temp was 120 degrees....that meant that ONE - TWO days in the valley it was that temperature! And this video was uploaded a week when Trump said, "It'll get cooler, just watch." HE'S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! It got cooler exactly a few days after this video was uploaded! lol... It's Nov. 1 and it was only 73 degrees today. Gavin Newsom is so full of shit!!!

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 4 months ago  

I'd rather be cold, than hot, because you can always put more clothing on to keep warm. Our creator has got all weather under control. No worries... (not really related, but I've been around awhile) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, over the years, say the last 60 years. I have watched all sorts of weather across the USA. I once saw it rain ice balls the size of baseballs, until there was islands of ice floating right down Main street in Red Lodge, Montana. Imagine hundreds of 16 foot high piles of hail balls stuck together. The storm killed a few people who were hit repeatedly in the head. One guy died in his convertible on the highway just outside of town.


- 4 months ago  

Tony. When using the search function of newtube entering Tony Heller only finds an upload of a few of your videos posted it seems by "No new Abnormal" but not this channel. which thankfully I found and subscribed to finding it again is easy. Cannot find the auto alert of new videos like on the oldtube platform. Any software fixes coming on this new site platform?


- 4 months ago


- 4 months ago  

I keep asking why Earth was not destroyed way back when CO2 was over 2000 ppm The so called scientists still cannot answer Well quoted regarded C. S. Lewis

Under the Influence

- 4 months ago  

I found you due to your arrival on NewTube and I must say I'm glad I did. Thanks for all you do.


- 4 months ago  

It should be common knowledge that added CO2 in our atmosphere is a "Liberating" prospect for mankind. And yet governments vilify CO2. It's hard to put a finger on when politics became so sinister. But then again the Constitution was written with thousands of years of historical tyranny in mind.