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Trump On Climate Change – ‘It'll Start Getting Cooler, You Just Watch’

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Originally uploaded to by Plus TV Africa As wildfires sweeping the west coast states assumed center stage on Monday in the U.S. election campaign, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stressed the role of climate change in stoking the fires, saying President Donald Trump, who has blamed the fires on poor forest management, has not done enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch More: Read & Watch via our Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Tweet us on Twitter: Comment on Whatsapp: #PlusTVAfrica #TheBreakfast






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Uploaded 4 months ago  

October 27th 2020  

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- 4 months ago  

23+ billion spent annually on illegals in Cali alone...that would run alot of chainsaws, chippers and masticators...

Peter Clark

- 4 months ago  

The Science is as it should be: unclear. It is a multi-categorical discipline that needs very large minds to synthesise all the threads. But one thing is clear, it needs open minds, and a brutal attitude towards accuracy and that is not the first thing you'd notice about nerds and geeks. They love their little spats and most of the time, like puppies, they are fighting over the smell of a bone. Minds like those of Tony Heller, like Carl Sagan before him, can synthesise the multiple inputs into a coherent message from Science. To wit: the world's nett temperature is cooling ever so slightly and it is NOT a cause for alarm. Humans, although they do over-pollute, are neglectful and abusive to the environment, and should rectify some/most of that are still a minuscule influence on the forces of nature.


- 4 months ago  

I have a theory that Pres. Trump, while likely aware of the climate change / global warming hoax being perpetrated on us, is careful to avoid getting too much involved in the debate since it could affect him politically and adversely affect his re-election After all, most of the public have been duped into believing CO2 is responsible for any change in the weather, forest fires, whatever. Once he is re-elected (which he will be) he will be free, with the advice and support of “climate realists”, to address this hoax head on. That is not only my theory but my hope.