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'A Fighting Optimism': Bruce Springsteen And Barack Obama On Politics In 2021 | NPR

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Originally uploaded to by NPR Barack and Bruce. Obama and Springsteen. The Boss and Mr. President. Or maybe you can just call them renegades. Launched in February, the 'Renegades' podcast consisted of a series of candid conversations between iconic musician Bruce Springsteen and former President Barack Obama, recorded in the summer of 2020 during the height of the pandemic. As they discuss their lives and careers, the recurring thread of their conversations is one that's a shared passion: the love of their country, despite its flaws and troubled history (and present struggles). Now, their podcast has been turned into a book. 'Renegades: Born In The USA.' Ahead of the Oct. 26 release, Obama and Springsteen sat down in their studio at Springsteen's New Jersey farm — where they recorded the podcast — for an interview with Audie Cornish, co-host of NPR's 'All Things Considered.' Among the topics discussed in the interview was critical race theory. That part of the conversation is excerpted here. • Read or listen to: "In a new book, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen envision a more unified America" at ------------------------------------------------------ Follow NPR elsewhere, too: • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook:






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November 2nd 2021  

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- 3 months ago  

See how white obama is? LOL


- 3 months ago  

Two liars. I learned about slavery in the 50’s. I learned about John Brown, a movie was made about him. I learned about Lincoln and about democrat sponsored Jim Crow laws and democrat sponsored voter suppression voting laws designed to maintain slavery. These two were not living under a rock which makes them liars.


- 3 months ago  

BO was the worst POTUS in history. His job was to destroy America and he did it better than predicted.


- 3 months ago  

Obama listening to him here, he never was take the ‘bull by the horn’s’ and get the job done America and all Americans type guy. ‘Awakening and progress’ his last two words in this video don’t sum up for me anything Obama did as president. The single most thing his presidency did was dismantle 200+ American coal powered power plants, more than anyone thing in his 8 years of his presidency this is what he did, that is dismantle 60% of our inexpensive affordable electric coal powered infrastructure down to 30% and replace it with mostly natural gas (I have no problem with natural gas) but pushed billions deficit spending to finance 5% expensive unreliable wind and solar. Now in hindsight watching China build 300+ new coal fired power plant during Obama’s presidency and seeing their economy flourish and surpass ours and in doing finance a more robust space program, I must agree China is on the right path and Obama put us definitely on the wrong path. As for basement Biden well that’s proving to be worse with his Build Back Blunder (BBB) initiative. Thank goodness for Joe Manchin!


- 3 months ago  

Love those earrings, Brucey. Guitars in the background? How fucking staged. Obama lies. His idea of awakening is not mine. We used to sing Negro spirituals like Swing Low Sweet Chariot in the fourth grade - 1959. It was an all white school, too. Because in those days we could choose where we lived.


- 3 months ago  

Nothing like race baiting to bring people together!!!!!