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Tony HellerPLUS



Beware Of False Prophets

  - 3:31

While Barack Obama was warning people that sea level rise would flood beach homes all across America, he was purchasing $30 million worth of beach homes from Hawaii to New England.






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June 18th 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

Nice job. We must call out these hypocrites. The truth shall set us all free.


- 2 weeks ago  

Obama absolutely destroyed the coal industry in America. Obama targeted not coal mining but targeted coal fired power stations. Obama’s administration not only disallowed coal fired power plants to retool and modernize but required them to be closed and then dismantled and sold offshore. Obama’s administration not only closed 250+ coal fired power plants but dismantled a majority of those to make it impossible to retool and modernize them after his presidency. ————- Donald Trump is yet another chameleon who used Americans dislike of Obama’s policies to talk a good game to get elected but did absolutely nothing to revamp the American coal fired power plant industry. ————- I just wanted Bill Maher’s show last night and what a jester he is! ————- I understand Bill Maher dislikes Donald Trump but to ignore why Trump got 70 million votes, the most of any presidential candidate 2nd only after “Let’s Go Brandon” is telling. Bill Maher is not a comedian but a jester for the Blue City scum intelligentsia. ————- He is right Blue City politicians allowed OxyContin to be legally targeted by pharmacies to Red States of America. Heck, the federal government built prisons in the 2000’s in advance of the release of OxyContin in droves in rural red states, like McDonalds, in preparation when they made OxyContin illegal by 2014 and clamped down in 2018. ————- Blue City politicians who harvested Blue City votes and suppressed Red State voters by sending OxyContin into Red States to thwart Trump are scum and Bill Maher is their jester. I’m not a fan of Trump but the election my gut says was stolen. When Bill Maher not once mentioned the Christopher Steele fabricated dossier paid by HRC and she will never be prosecuted for this outright lie is much worse than Jan 6 in my view. ————- Krystal Ball is correct in saying Trump is the symptom and his removal will not be the cure. Who will cure us from “Let’s Go Brandon” and HRC who are much worse symptoms of a American Blue City political system built on dismantling Red States of America and winning elections to implement more deficit taxpayers spending. At 32 Trillion and counting we are already gone as a great nation and Putin and Xi are just pedaling more global warming nonsense to bury us. ————- I’m more concerned that America is being sold a fairytale global warming is a fact and we need to spend trillions in US Federal taxpayers deficit spending to fix something that doesn’t exist. Global balmy hysteria is just that nonsensical hysteria but most young Americans believe it without question. You can’t fix dumb and young Americans are dumb, that I do agree with the jester Maher. American dumbness will end the American dream and rip up the American constitution. Free speech is dead in America as I’m sure my rant this morning on YouTube is banned but just venting here on Newtube.


- 3 weeks ago  

Become fearless through faith. Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is among you". This is true.


- 3 weeks ago  

I love the Bible. It is infinitely informative. Those who disdain it amaze me. They brag about their own ignorance while condemning those who are at least trying to understand God's message.