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Climate Fakery Part 4

  - 5:00

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas which forms the basis of all life on earth, but climate scamsters want people to believe it is a dirty, opaque toxin which threatens all life on earth.






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June 28th 2023  

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- a year ago  

I've had many similar social media encounters. One I come across from time to time is the person who copies and pastes a wall of text, yet clearly doesn't understand basic scientific principles. They can be fun to screw around with though.


- a year ago  

"Therefore, a really important question for policy makers is: how plausible are each of the scenarios that underlie the projections of future climate? Well, this might be a big surprise for you, but the IPCC doesn’t address this highly policy relevant question. In chapter 1 (page 238) it says: “In general, no likelihood is attached to the scenarios assessed in this Report.” This is quite an admission and one that actually should have been put in the Summary for Policy Makers with a big disclaimer such as: “Note, this report makes extensive use of scenarios. Howev- er, the likelihood of these scenarios itself hasn’t been assessed!” Clintel report pg 118


- a year ago  

we are the carbon “they” want to eliminate


- a year ago  

Silicon Valley clickbait Yahoo news now has a section titled ‘Climate Change’. All to promote that any weather changes are affected by man so these ‘save the planet’ politicians can in reality ban and put out of business any private industry or profession that employs self sufficient citizens who usually don’t vote for the DNC. ————- In the 1930’s Germany had goose stepping ‘chosen race’ who wanted to save the world for themselves and today America has the DNC politicians who say they alone ‘can save the planet’ for themselves. Both are evil incarnate and cults of self worship and soon to be dead wrong. In Germany 1940’s they took on the world in Europe and in the the 2020’s these DNC are doing the same thing yet again. ————- It all emanates this time from the “Power Law” Silicon Valley types who finance any lame brain idea with untapped power and money that these Venture Capitalists think of. Laughable as SVB getting bailed out 100% illegally. I will not lift a finger to prop up this new American DNC Idiocracy. They will self implode as all cults of selfish hating eventually do. This Climate Change or weather is our #1 existential threat is a doozy!!! ————- What is so laughable is the 1930’s was by far the hottest decade worldwide in the past 150 years with more real killer heat waves worldwide and just horrible weather worldwide, with exponentially more forest fires worldwide and yet little to no man made CO2. With Silicon Valley search engines just search for these fires and weather disasters worldwide, what’s laughable they are still there glaringly showing the 1930’s weather was hellish compared to today.