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White House Deeply Concerned About The Prospect Of Free Speech

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Originally uploaded to by Curtis Houck Psaki on @ElonMusk buying Twitter: "I'm not going comment on a specific transaction...[T]he President...has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause...In terms of...hypothetical policies...I'm just not going to speak to that[.]"






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April 26th 2022  

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- a month ago  

So, Braindead Biden is coming out against the 1st Amendment. Not shocked at all. The dems are the hated mortal enemies of ALL Americans.


- a month ago  

If Biden is concerned about spreading disinformation, why is she allowed to have a platform? Even a blind man can see that.

The Scotch-Irish Viking

- a month ago  

The fact that the government is involved in the transfer of power of a private, corporate media platform is all the proof we need that the same government is concerned about their secret tyrannies being exposed. Down with the Biden/Obama/Clinton/Bush Cabal. Try George Soros, & The Rothschilds for treason and crimes against humanity and let's move forward. One Sovereign America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸš«πŸ


- a month ago  

There is nothing more harmful than the vile disgusting corrupt filth currently infesting the White House and Congress, and their minions in the dinosaur media.


- a month ago  

I think we should all send her a large cucumber.


- a month ago  

The Democrat party is the American Communist Party, and this is comrade Obamas third term. Simple as that...


- a month ago  

I certainly am relieved because Biden is concerned with the power big tech has. More concerned how the power can be used for him.


- a month ago  

Biden has done slightly less than fuck all to protect free speech in the US in fact by not doing anything to hold Twitter accountable he has allowed their apartheid censorship to continue and only he and the Democrats benefit from that. Twitter being under new ownership will make them very afraid that climate change real data and opinion will prosper, his woeful presidency will be exposed further and the snowflakes are going to melt in the heat of scrutiny.


- a month ago  

Yes, scared that real experts will go back to Twitter and smash some of these halfwhits who hide behind censorship.


- a month ago  

Why is it that no one calls this woman a liar and a cunt to her face? I would be happy to point this out to her, but they will not let me in to point this out..... Hummmm......


- a month ago  

But of course.... What else could be expected from the Biden crime family?


- a month ago  

Political doublespeak in which a question is never actually addressed. We are all quite used to this here in Canada where are prime minister pretty much and gauges and nothing else but this, and it is one of the Prime reasons that he is held as a laughing stock in this country and basically told to fuck off and is literally being called a piece of shit everywhere he is going.