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Zany Predictions from Earth Day 1970

  - 6:25

Originally uploaded to by DeroyMurdockTv April 22, 2014 -- Hannity -- Fox News Channel






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April 22nd 2022  

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- a month ago  

Seriously? The EPA says no more wood burning stoves? Idiots. OK EPA, let's see you outlaw lightning ignited forest fires. Go ahead, explain how you will do this. I'm waiting for your answer.


- a month ago  

The sky is always falling, it will never end, don't believe it.


- a month ago  

Yep, 50 years of chicken little every decade, but the stupid just want to believe, just like the flat earther has to believe in that crap, even though he and a few friends could put a hot air balloon and videcam into the fringes of space, compare the earths curvature and prove it is a crock. About the only good thing from this Pandemic is the incredibily stupid are making themselves extinct.


- a month ago  

Well, being as stupid as they are they still require some assistance to make themselves extinct. There seem to be a plethora of that group stepping up the plate to assist in the demise of the stupid. The problem is that's the vast majority. Every person except me for well over a year wore a mask to buy milk and bread. That feeling was extraordinary. Not just being a truly solo act but that unbelievable level of incomprehension of facts and truth by all those around me. And as Man approaches the finish line he seems to have developed a final kick and he's actually sprinting towards his own demise! And we have yet to see the worst.


- a month ago  

Agreed, l have tried to show with hard evidence that my immediate family are being scammed, but l only get stupid remarks and verbal attacks. The sheep are very determined to jab and boost, and buy the utter BS, that the unvacced will most likely have a heart attack within a year if they get Covid, (the mild flu). These arseholes are spinning the facts to suit, and if people realized that they are trying to stop something that is so small it is invisible with a cloth mask, no one would bother. Stupid masks have been almost eliminated in my state, but the boost nightmare continues. And it is disconcerting to walk amonght others knowing that 95%, have two jabs, and are immune compromised, and 70%, boosted or effectively have the same immune response as an AIDS victim in their early stages. And when mass media are finally able to speak, it will become ugly very quickly, since virtually everyone will know that they are being tracked, are poisoned beyond any medical treatments and have a short life and painful death to look forward too, pissed with be an understatement.